Trinity Church… haunted or not?

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That was the question posed to this writer and his collegues from Columtreal University and fellow Hathianites.  The question began with a word from acting preacher, who has asked to remain unnamed.  He spoke to this writer about strange happenings within the church.  Upon further investigation, I found that there are a number of odd complaints about the Trinity Church and it’s nearby garden building.  But to understand what this activity means, one must understand the history of the building.

image taken by Lance Lantash

Trinity church is located north and east of main downtown Hathian in the Vodou neighborhood.  Across the street is the Parish Garden House.  Both locations have seen their share of heartache.  According to local stories told by neighborhood natives, as well as researched articles from this very paper, the church itself has seen several crucifictions, suicide attempts, kidnappings, and murders.  The parish gardens has seen fire and death as well in the form of a small family burned alive.  This writer, taking all of this information, got his team together and conducted an investigation of the church and grounds.  The team consisted of Lance Lantash, Iokko Molko, Zach Alexander, Caileigh Kharg, and Lena Millet.  Using k2 meters, digital voice recorders, lazer temperature gauges, point-and-shoot cameras, and full spectrum camcorders, the team worked to find fact and fiction about reported activity.

The results were simply astounding.  No one walked out of the church without some personal experience.  Whether from hearing voices, music, foot steps to feeling the brush of cold fingertips across their hair, everyone experienced something.

The recorded evidence, however, spoke of another story.  Much of the personal experiences were explained away during review.  Either passing people in the street speaking too loudly, wind rattling loose panes in windows, the expanding and contracting of old wooden floorboards, or air conditioned breezes creating cold spots and playing with the acoustics of the building, most of the experiences were debunked.

The review didn’t come up empty handed, however.  And I will leave it up to the readers to discern for themselves what these findings mean.

still image of Iokko Molko and orb-like activity – taken by Zach Alexander

The above image was taken by Investigator and student Zach Alexander of Iokko Molko, student, investigator, and manager of the Pie Hole.  The image was taken in the basement of the church, a small living quarters and sunday school area.  Reported activity involves seeing shadows, hearing footsteps, disembodied laughter, and one possible apparition.  The picture show the kitchen and office area of the basement.  Behind Iokko, to her right (the reader’s left) is an anomaly.  Bugs and dust have been ruled out as the image seems toemit light from within rather than reflecting the light of the still image flash.  Also, the transparent quality (rather than transluscent) hints at a more paranomal encounter.  Neither investigator saw this flash of light at the time the image was taken.  This writer is not a strict believer in orbs, but until this bit of activity can be explained, it will remain unexplained and possibly paranormal in nature.

still of EVP evidence – Lance Lantash

This is a still computer image of an audio recording.  At this point in the investigation, one team, Zach and Iokko, was in the church basement while the other was on the top floor.  Carson and Lena were investigating the claims about phantom music from the organ, crying, creaming, footsteps, and shadows in the on the main worship floor.  Aside from their personal experiences, this one audio recording was found.  In it, before what is shown, Carson was asking Lena Millet if they should go search the basement and let the other team take over the main floor.  Following is a log of the event:

Lena Millet: Should we check out another room?

Unknown infant cries.

Lena Millet: Any history on this place? Demonic activity? Occult? A lot of death?

Unkown female voice: Sshh, Gabriel, Mommy’s…

The voice had faded out of the recorder, but it was clearly female, and those are the words this investigator, and on review other investigators, believed was said.  Neither Lena nor Carson heard this voice, or the infant cries, at the time of the recording.

Caileigh Kharg and transparent figure – taken by Carson Capelo

Late into the evening, three of the investigators left for personal reasons, leaving Carson, Lance, and Caileigh to investigate the main church and basement together.  This image was taken by Carson Capelo in the upstairs worship hall.  On the stage is Caileigh Kharg running an EVP session while keeping track of nearby Electro-Magnetic Field readings with a K2 meter.  Beneath her, unseen in the darkness, was a transparent humanoid figure captured by Carson Capelo’s camera.  If you look closely, you will see the discoloration between the floor and stage wood panelling. It is a humanoid pale figure with blonde-looking hair, possibly small midgit-like person or a seated entity on the ground.  At the same time as this photo was taken, this writer was asking an entity, any entity, to light a flashlight across the room.  After carson’s flash went off, everyone turned to see the flashlight had lit up.  And on request, turned off. It is a flashlight, standard in paranormal investigations, where the bottom of the light must be twisted to turn on and off the light.


These images and EVP show that there is, indeed, activity of some kind at the Trinity Church.  Is the ghostly image beneath Caileigh’s feet the female voice heard earlier in the night in the EVP?  Is the orb-like entity some creature pulling energy from the air to manifest?

One thing is for certain:  The CUPS team will return again to the Trinity Church to search for mroe clues, and possibly more answers, to the results of this activity.

Columtreal University Paranormal Society - Logo created by Iokko Molko

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