Is Jimmie’s Chicken Shack Still Hazardous to your Health?

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An accidental death that could have been avoided.

It was a call like any other in the city of Hathian for one of it’s medical examiners, Dr. Takahiro Ugimachi who got called to the scene of another death by the first responder on the scene, a new Rookie for the HPD, Benedict Cuthbertsson – a Jane Doe later identified through dental records as Paula Aboma, who according to her autopsy and how she was found had her neck broken, and as a result, succumbed to her injuries. According to the findings what is believed to have occurred is she  went inside the run down abandoned building either alone or with friends, and stepped off the  counter inside, slipped and broke her neck.

The run down old abandoned Chicken Shack
The run down old abandoned Chicken Shack

Now, under normal circumstances, this wouldn’t be considered a problem, accidents occur everyday, but when the scene of an accident could have been prevented by city ordinance, it becomes a public safety issue. Entrance to the run down old restaurant is barred by two loosely fitted boards that allow anyone, especially younger folk, access to slip in between and “hang out” inside. Inside is an old counter top  and other hazards that apparently, as Paula Aboma found out, are hazardous to your health.

An accidental death that could have been avoided.

I recommend immediate action be taken by the city to take a few extra hands, paid or not, grab some hammers and nails and start barricading up some of these haunts before we have any more accidents.

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