Mystery Arson as Trailer is set ablaze

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Brandie Ramirez outside her home

On the afternoon of July 19, 2012, residents of the Palace Mobile Home Trailer Park reported a large fire breaking out in front of one of the trailers.

The Hathian Fire Department managed to put out the fire before it caused further damage to the trailer or spread to other trailers in the park.

I interviewed the resident of the trailer, Ms. Brandie Ramirez. When asked for her reaction on the fire, she stated, “Whoever the **** or ******* is that burned my trailer better hope they don’t meet me in the street because the next thing that’s going to burn down is their mother’s house with her inside of it.” 

I went on to ask an obviously upset Ms. Ramirez if there was any permanent damage to her trailer, to which she replied, “No mostly just need new siding.”

Brandie Ramirez outside her home

Thankfully Ms. Ramirez wasn’t inside the trailer when the fire was set, and is unharmed.

Neighbors of Ms. Ramirez did not notice any suspicious activity in the trailer park before the fire started.

More news on this breaking story will be provided as it comes in…. 

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