Local Gun Fight leaves One Man Injured

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Shootout at Rader Records
Hathian PD Face off with Local Gang
Shootout at Rader Records
Hathian PD Face off with Local Gang

On Saturday, June 9, 2012, a gun fight was witnessed outside of local music shop, Rader Records. It was by shear coincidence that this reporter witnessed part of the shooting while on her way home from a long day’s work. Several officers, both on duty and off, were reported on scene, while other local observers watched in awe or ran for their lives. In the midst of the shooting, one such observer was caught in the crossfire and shot. This reporter attempted to gather as much information on scene as she could, but once she realized the danger of the situation, she concluded that she could not report the story if she was dead, and thus took cover elsewhere.

The next day, this reporter contacted local authorities regarding the shoot out at Rader Records. One such officer, Hathian Police Department Lt. Muromachi, was kind enough to grant me a brief interview to discuss the details of the shootout. While said officer informed that the mater was still fresh and very little information had been reported, he assures the citizens of Hathian that the HPD is doing all in their power to keep the streets safe from such criminals and gang violence. More details as the investigation continues.


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