HPD Officer Speaks Out Against Accusations

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Officer Reian Varel
Officer Reian Varel

On Thursday, 21 June 2012, this reporter, Aibhlinn L. Caine, was paid a visit in her hospital bed by one of the officers accused of Racial Discrimination by Mr. Itachi Moromashi of Muramasa Industries. This officer, Mr. Reian Varel, was the officer tending to Mr. Moromashi as he was incarcerated in the Hathian Police Department’s holding cells. He requested this interview as a means to counter the claims presented by the employee of Muramasa Industries. Officer Varel informs us that these accusations are unfounded, and that Mr. Moromashi is not as much a victim as he implies.

From the beginning, Officer Varel countered the claim of being a racist by bringing his wife with him to the interview. At his request she was not included in the photo, nor will her name be mentioned in this article. However, dear readers, Officer Varel would have you know that his wife is also Japanese, thus Mr. Moromashi’s claim on Racial discrimination lies in question. A man accused of racial discrimination against the Japanese, is married to a Japanese woman. Surely the world has gone mad.

This reporter went on to ask Officer Varel what sparked the conflict between the two of them. His reply, “What happened was Itachi had refused to follow a lawful order when i discovered him and a female inmate were in the same cell. Just a few days earlier we received a notice department wide that no male and female inmates were to share the same cell. So when I saw them together on the security cam I went down to fix the situation. I ordered Itachi to move to the empty cell or I warned that I would taze him. He decided to flip me off and said that I suck cock. I tazed Itachi so that he could be moved to the next cell while he was incapacitated. instead he chose to dive out of the way and avoided the full effect, this compromised him being safely incapacitated so I tazed him again for added safety.”

Again this brings Mr. Moromashi’s credibility into question. Until this point, we did not know that Officer Varel, who had been so helpful with the investigation concerning the Rader Records Shootout, was involved. Neither in the initial interview, did Mr. Moromashi remember to mention his own provocation of the Officer tending to him. Officer Varel continued his story, “Anyway after tasing Itachi and moving him to the new cell I had noticed him clutching his side and sent for the prison medics. they informed me that Itachi had broken ribs so I immediately called for a paramedic unit to take Itachi to HGH and be placed under guard while there.”

At this point, the question of how Mr. Moromashi sustained his injuries was in the air, or if the Officer was even aware of his injuries before hand. When asked, Officer Varel replied, “Yeah he didn’t warn me before hand that he had injuries or else I would have found other means of moving him, by diving out of the way he only injured himself further.” That was all the officer had to say on the matter. He departed the Recovery ward with his wife with words of gratitude.. and as friendly as he’s been from day one.

So is this really a case of Racial Discrimination? Or is it simply a case where an ambitious employee with a string of bad luck tries to manipulate the system to discredit the men and women who enforce the very laws that allows him to keep such a freedom of speech and press? Can a man who is married to a Japanese woman; married and expecting their first child, really be racists against Japanese? Who is at fault here: The Officer for upholding his duty, or the employee who provoked the Officer into action? What this reporter does know is that facts hold the truth.. and by what was said, and my own experiences with both men, many facts have been left out of the story.

Is it fact that Mr. Moromashi was tazed by Officer Varel? Is it a fact that Officer Varel was the cause of Mr. Momomashi’s injuries, despite the Officer’s obvious concern for his health by sending the man to the Hospital? Or is it a Fact that this is just another case, of the criminal element pleading innocent to a situation that was ultimately caused by his own stupidity, and aggression against forces that he could not possibly overcome? That, my dear readers, is a judgment call that only time will reveal.. and a wound that only time will heal. This has been Aibhlinn L. Caine, with your Local Crime news.

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