Blood on the Streets: Girl found Near Death outside Beachfront House

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Beach Front Slaughter House
Beach Front Slaughter House

Late evening on 19 June 2012, a girl was found on the ground, bound, naked, and barely alive after being thrown out the front door of a local beach front property. (Shown in the Photo above) What she was doing inside the house to begin with was a mystery at the time, but it could be seen that she had suffered from multiple lacerations over her body.. and a single stab wound in her abdomen. While many onlookers on scene were screaming to get rid of the body, one good Samaritan, identified as Dr. Fudge Ichinose, managed to find the courage and the respect for her fellow man, or woman in this case, and called for immediate medical assistance. Two males, one woman were seen fleeing the scene, while a second woman was seen retreating back into the house. The EMTs on scene, operated quickly to stabilize the woman’s condition before rushing her to Hathian General Hospital for more intense treatment.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the patient was received by Dr. Paul Gomes. Her lacerations were treated, the large piece of glass used to stab her was removed. Needless to say, without the quick response of the EMTs, and the Medical Staff, as well as the call by Dr. Ichinose, it is safe to say that this woman, would not be alive to bring you this story.. That’s right, the wounded woman was none other than this reporter, Aibhlinn L. Caine.

The story starts three days prior, on the morning of Sunday, 17 June 2012. This reporter was utilizing her off time to capture some of the beautiful scenery presented by this fine city. Standing on the cliffs overlooking the beach, she was able to capture a beautiful sunrise out to sea. When she adjusted her camera in an attempt to capture a picture of the Beached Freighter on the shoreline, a man walked into the snapshot. While this did ruin the shot, the Reporter initially paid him no mind and kept shooting. It wasn’t until this man approached her with, “Who the fuck are you, Reporter or Tourist?” did this reporter finally pay him any mind. He was accompanied by a blonde woman who was badly beaten up herself, broken leg, and stitches decorating her face. The man himself, who will from here in be referred to as “The Beach Front Butcher”, was tan skinned, with tattoos adorning his arms. He smokes constantly, and and brown hair, and a British if not Australian accent accompanying his speech. A small argument ensured, and a third man, tall, carrying a cane, and drinks excessively, appeared on the scene. While there was another woman, just an innocent bystander, watching the scene, the moment hostile action was seen, she fled the scene, leaving this reporter to fend for herself. Needless to say, with the odds stacked against her.. the reporter was easily overwhelmed and dragged into the house shown in the photo above.

For three days, this reporter was starved, and subject to physical and psychological torture, beatings, molestation and in the end stabbed with a fragment of glass (from the very bottle that was smashed over her head). The butchers did not identify themselves, however, though they were not careful enough to hide their faces from this reporter. Their assault, which again started over a camera, left this reporter near death not only from the wounds they inflicted, but dehydration and malnourishment as well. It is possible that this reporter was not their only victim.. but she is sure she is one of he few who survived.. and possibly the only one who is unafraid to speak out against the group itself.

This reporter, Aibhlinn l. Caine, is bringing you this story from her hospital bed. Through the deeds and kindness of employees, and friends within the city, she was able to acquire the means to report this. She would anyone who is hanging out on the jetty area, or down by the water, to be wary of the Beach Front Slaughterhouse.. and those who lurk in and around its vicinity. More will come as the investigation continues. This is been Aibhlinn L. Caine, risking life, limb, and dignity to bring you your local Crime Advisory news.

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