Blues Sound For Musician In Assault And Vandalism Case

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Stabbing Outside of Lou's Bar Leads To Injuries For Man
A Hero Is Injured Trying To Help A Young Musician From Being Assaulted

Franke Maria Berg from Germany, 18 years old and a talented  musician, was the innnocent victim of a random attack by a vicious street thug in Hathian, outside of Lou’s bar.

The young musician was playing her guitar by the sidewalk, attempting to earn enough money to cover her expenses which involve earning enough to eat and finding  a warm place to spend the night when she was forced to stop playing by a vicious  male of African-American appearance, who is physically well built,  medium height,  with tattoos and clean shaven. He was wearing  a “hip hop hat” at the time of the assault,  according to the musician who also stated that the man was “not so big and more black then white..” and added that he had apparently not been wearing a top or shirt of any kind over his body.

Stabbing Outside of Lou's Bar Leads To Injuries For Man
A Hero Is Injured Trying To Help A Young Musician From Being Assaulted

Thankfully another man intervened on the scene, (shown in the picture above) who had hoped to help the girl, but heroically sustained an injury instead, stabbed by the vicious thug who used a knife to wound the man in the stomach before robbing the musician and running off in the opposite direction when an officer of the law appeared to give chase. The young male who was wounded was given aid by paramedics who were quickly called to the scene, and taken into the ambulance to be driven off to the hospital. Although it wasn’t clear whether the injury was life threatening, the man seemed to be able to talk and move somewhat.

The young musician was visibily shaken and upset, and her guitar was seriously damaged. Now she needs to find another way to earn a living and cope on the mean streets of Hathian. With attacks such as these occuring  in broad daylight, the reputation of the Hathian Police is being significantly damaged. Even with an officer chasing the criminal in this case, police forces are still  overstretched and there are not enough cops on the streets to prevent this kind of incident from occuring in the first place. If anyone was a witness to this event  or has any information regarding this incident, please contact the Hathian Police Department.

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