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$20,000 – Prime location for retail/commercial business. Own this spacious commercial building right in the middle of it all! Close proximities to other well known business establishments such as Slim Goodies. Walking distance from beach as well! Store needs some work, excellent project for those who love to remodel and get their start in our fine city. Includes 2 apartments above, with all working facilities. A hidden gem within Hathian this property will not last long. Contact Denise Delgado, Hathian Real Estate Agency. 555-3798

((OOC: Everything about the ad, the name Denise Delgado and the real estate business would appear legit to the prospective client. This is a great way to get involved in some roleplay new or old to the city. If you are interested roleplaying a victim of this financial/real estate scam, contact Denise Domela for more details))

Prime Retail/Commercial Space
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