Miracle in a Jar

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That’s right folks… we have come up with a Miracle in a Jar… What is it, you ask? Well, how many jobs are now digging into your personal life and making you piss in a cup to prove your the perfect employee? Shame on them if you can do your job, why does it matter what your doing in your own free time? Have a job interview coming up, or a current job deciding to be administrative assholes and making you pee in a cup even though you’ve been working for them for like ever? Well, there’s no need to fear, that’s why we have this little jar of miracles. For a nominal fee, we can hook you up. Your boss thinking he seen you do blow at the club last night and calling you in for a drug test… No problem we have a delivery service that can meet you at a discrete location.  So, no more worries just call us any time at… (xxx-xxx-xxxx) Ask for Pop Rocks ((Briar Lefevre)) or Taint ((Caleb Perdide))

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