Army Vet and Girlfriend Threatened with Death

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Theo Johnson, the army veteran who went missing late last October, was apparently in Hattiesberg, Mississippi until November 16th, hiding from a former girlfriend and ex convict who allegedly wanted to kill him.

Miranda Jacobs, who has an extensive criminal record that includes convictions for drug possession, trafficking, and assault, was arrested on November 13th and charged with conspiracy to commit murder after anonymous reports of her threatening to kill Johnson and his girlfriend, Charlice Deer, started to surface.

Jacobs, originally from Atlanta, Georgia, has a long history of methamphetamine and alcohol abuse. She apparently had a child with Johnson, who was put under his custody when Jacobs was arrested for possession and trafficking of a controlled substance. She was recently released after serving a two year sentence.

Jacobs accused Johnson of  ‘killing’ their two year old daughter, Polly Johnson, last July, though medical reports show the young child died of complications of leukemia in the Hathian General Hospital. Police say this is what set Jacobs off, and caused her travel from Georgia to ‘hunt’ Johnson down and issue the illegal threats to him and Deer.

Found guilty during her trial on November 17th, Jacobs was sentenced to five years in Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women with the possibility of parole after three years, though it’s unlikely parole will be granted with her history.

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