Hathian Observer Columnist in Comatose

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One of our finest and probably most laughed at loved columnists here at the Observer, Francheska Udimo, has been admitted into Hathian General Hospital. I took it upon myself a little over a week ago to look for Ms Udimo when she failed to hand in her weekly column, The Religious Talk.

It is still unknown where Ms Udimo disappeared for for nine days, but it is known she has been back in the hard city of Hathian for less than a week. The event happened on the evening of the 7th of September, but the Nurse I managed to speak to who was in attendance told me, and I quote, “Go away you sick freak. You are a stalker stop harassing this woman.

With those friendly words of advice, I did indeed go away, but not before loitering outside and waiting for the commotion to disperse. The victim seemed to have suffered injuries to her face and presumably her torso, although I didn’t think to take off her bandages and have a squiz.

What I am quite willing to call an attack happened just a few weeks after Ms Udimo had some articles published suggesting three suspects were responsible for the murder of Devon Sparrowtree. At this point in time it is unknown if this is some kind of sick revenge attack. Either way, we are all hoping Ms Udimo a quick and healthy recovery.

And in the spirit of quick and healthy recoveries, please do remember you can contact Ms Udimo on her email address fake.email@dotcom.

((IM or NC Francheska Writer in world if you have any IC questions etc.))

((written by Francheska Writer))

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