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I write this now with the utmost haste. Frankly this “War” as its put has gone on for far too long, what turned out to be a custody battle has evolved into a one up contest between children.   Let’s face it there was a time when a bullet and armband used to command respect, now a days it doesn’t command much then a shifty glance and wondering where the bloods gonna be falling first.  It would be egotistical to say everyone had to choose a side, and its completely ridiculous that any of this needs to be going any further than it already has.
I have been in this war from the start, though who I am I’ll keep that to myself.  Children need to learn that repping the street doesn’t give you respect.  Seeing who can spill the most blood doesn’t bring about anything but more retribution.   I have seen good people placed in hospitals even people who don’t wear a gang moniker.  This shit spreads like wild fire.   In the gold days people had to earn respect, it wasn’t through violence, it wasn’t through the next reup, it was based off they way you handled a situation.   What happened to the good days of running the streets, there was order then.  Aces, Cerbs, Rejects, Wolves, Crows, etc.. we all had our role to fill.  There were small scuffles, but it was handled and cleared up.   I fear that’s been lost in the upset of this war.
So I ask, why in hell can’t we all sit down and call a cease fire, why can’t we put shit behind us and get back to what were good at.  Nothing is going to be solved by killing each other.
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