Local Wedding Leads to Arrest and Violence

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Hathian– Thursday was supposed to be a day of happiness, when a local couple was supposed to be wed at the local church.  The nuptials seemingly brought out everyone who thought that they were someone in town, including police and gang members alike.

The couple, Tre Marjeta and known Reaver Jimmy ‘Drop’ Teardrop had just completed their vows when, Drop was arrested and detained on charges of Possession of illegal firearms and Possession of an Illegal Narcotic with intent to sell.  The products were  allegedly discovered in the closets of one of the children who live in the home, making some wonder what infact was really going on.

When contacted police said that they received a tip from a local citizen, which was enough to get warrants  for search and seizure of the property as well the arrest warrant for Mr. Drop. “It is one more criminal off the streets, the Hathian PD is striving to clean up the streets for its citizens,” said the department spokesperson when asked about the arrest.

With rumors of deep run corruption some citizens ask themselves if this was not just a ploy for a power struggle.  Once the police had Drop in custody, the wedding to seemed to go in a disarray of violence and mayhem.

Details are still being reported but it seems that local gang members had infiltrated the wedding, and saw the moment to disrupt the situation.  During the chaos of running citizens and fighting gang members several people were injured.

A missing persons report was filed later that night for the new Mrs. Tre Marjeta-Teardrop.  Some rumor state that a local gang seeming kidnapped her, and others state that she was so distraught she just ran, and people have not heard from her.  There was a reward issued for her safe return to her family.

With the local gang involvement people wonder if this will spark up the dieing down gang wars once more.  .

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