Local officer injured

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The quiet peace of a Saturday afternoon was shattered as usual in Hathian when a male, identity unknown as of yet, lost his temper at being told to remove his mask.

Boysie Blaisdale , a uniformed officer with the HPD had just been walking in for an afternoon drink when the male shattered a glass and drew up to threaten the bartender with harsh words and a refusal to obey the bar’s rules.

As Boysie drew his taser, the male seemed to calm down, removing his mask and retaking his seat, but then in a sudden outburst of anger, rushed at Boysie and another officer who had been called in as back up. Events escalated from there until Boysie was on the ground, surrounded by his own pool of blood, drawing a glock on the perp and Officer Ethaniel Morrisey was at the back door taking his own shots at the mans back.

The man finally went down, in a fit of temper after a long drawn out battle of skill and many injuries sustained. He was arrested by the officers on scene and FDH’s finest offered medical assistance to all hurt.

No names as of yet have been released as to the identity of the male or the female who seemed to leap in and help him against the cops.

Officer Blaisdale has injuries so far listed as a smashed knee and thigh, heavy blood loss and bruised ribs from impact with a thrown table.

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