Tension Mounts as Gangs Terrorise Hospital

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An uneasy peace settles over the city of Hathian in the wake of an outbreak of violence between two notorious gangs; the Reavers and the Rejects.

Whilst revelers partied the night away at a Christmas disco at nearby coffee shop, gunshots ring out across the snow-laden streets opposite. How the gun-battle begins is, as yet unclear though gang activity has been steadily increasing over the past few weeks.

Ms. Kendra Coakes, Chief of Staff at Hathian General Hospital has little to say on the matter as she recovers in what has customarily been a safe-haven for the citizens of Hathian. Heavily sedated and bandaged after suffering multiple gun shot wounds and sadly, the loss of her unborn child, she could only groan “Rippen is a conniving bitch.

Rippen Dagger, formerly a member of the vigilante’ group the Kerebos, is now thought to play a lead role in the resurgence of the Reavers gang. She is a witness in the shoot-out at the Hospital, alongside rival gang members, the Rejects.

Gangsters exchange shots and blows as the CDPD arrives on the scene in droves. Led by the highly-honored Captain Taov, police order passers-by to stand well clear as one gang holds a member of the public captive in the hospital lobby. With the appearance of so many officers, the blood-shed only gets worse; most of the gang members ending up with injuries as well as the hospital staff. One man is in custody as the Police regained control of the situation.

Captain Nadir Taov of the CD Police Department issued this statement to reassure the general public of their continued vigilance.“Yesterday’s incident at the hospital was a reminder to citizens that even the safest place in the city, the hospital, is susceptible to gang violence. The Hathian Police Department has heightened security and increased patrols within its vicinity. If anyone sees anything suspicious going on, they should contact 911 services immediately so that we can do our jobs.”

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