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Dear Editor,


I’m writing to alert the citizens of Hathian about the recent influx of strange characters of the “noob” variety. These “noobs”, (what I’ve heard them labeled as in hushed whispers,) flock to the city during slow hours of the day and night. They carry massive weapons. They speak somehow without moving or acting in any way. They follow small children around into alleys and then try to take flight onto rooftops.  They dress scantily in the middle of winter, some even wearing nothing at all!


I know that as citizens of this small Louisiana town, we’ve grown accustomed to some strange things from our very own, but this new infestation is taking our home by storm.


In the dog eat dog world and every man for themselves lifestyle, we all seem to function under, we become alienated from each other. I, however, beg that you all take notice of these “noobs”, and unite against them.  Do not allow our streets to be overrun!  If you don’t care, who will?


So please, for your sake, for the sake of our children, stand up against these “noobs” before its too late!


Concerned mother of two,

Evelynn O’Shea

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