School Principal Jailed – Justice or Revenge, You decide!

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Dear Readers,

I, John Hayes at The Observer have been astounded recently, after we learned that Seaside School Principal and front woman behind the ‘Dear Grace’ articles, Dr. Grace Frontenac has been jailed by Hathian Police Department a few days ago.

Having been fortunate enough to visit Dr. Frontenac in jail to hear her side of the story, April 19th, I learned of a gruesome story, with an even worse ending, that surely makes Freddy Kruger look like a Disney character in comparison.

To understand the present, we must travel back in history to the start of the situation, where Dr. Frontenac was arrested standing over the dead body of her brother and law enforcement officer, Alexander O’Keefe, with a gun claiming self-defense. Allegedly Mr. O’Keefe had prior to his untimely death, been harassing several individuals in the family, and friends of the family, with both sexual assaults and threats of such.

“I feared for my life,” Dr. Frontenac claimed, and that no other solution than to protect herself and her kids from this lunatic of a rapist, than killing him could be taken.

An old case, and why is this relevant now, you may ask. Well Dear Readers, it is because the case just got reopened, and Dr. Frontenac was just pulled in by her brothers colleague and friend, a Sergeant Gael Zero. I asked why she thought this Sergeant Zero had arrested her again, and Dr. Frontenac took on a very terrified demeanor, filled with tears and snot coming out of various facial cavities, and all we needed at that moment in time, was the theme from ‘Jaws’ blasting through the cell block speakers.

Looking at the CCTV camera frantically, with her tired, broken, and tearing eyes that would make any five year old wet their sheets, she exclaimed like her life depended on it, “Sergeant Zero is a fine upstanding law enforcement officer, and he did certainly not falsify evidence, deny me food and water, or order other inmates to hit and rape me, no most certainly not, and you shall not ever hear me say otherwise.”

I have not yet been able to reach Sergeant Zero of the HPD for a comment, almost as if he is hiding from the watchful eye of the public, fearing the questions of you, our Dear Readers.

Was this justice or revenge? Fear not, we shall get to the bottom of this!

Stay Vigilant!

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