Raja Singa Dojo opens in Hathian!

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Kaliyah Nijat, Owner of Raja Singa Dojo

Tucked away between two store fronts in Hathian’s District 8, a new business owner may be well on her way to leveling the playing field for the women of Hathian. Raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kaliyah Nijat (known to friends as Kali and in the dojo as Mater Kali) is a new arrival to Hathian, having ended up here by way New York only a few months ago. Her experiences while employed as security at L.L. Warehouses inspired her to think big and open a dojo, geared toward one on one classes in self defense, with she and her assistant trainer, C. Cristopher acting as the main instructors at this time.

“Yeah, I guess. I mean, I just noticed a theme of victim vs. predator. Since I arrived in Hathian I’ve seen all kinda of crazy s**t, and I guess I wanted to change the odds a bit. I’m all for the empowerment of women, and even though the dojo is open to all that walk through its doors, the main objective I had in mind when I first thought up the concept of the dojo, was to do just that. Empower women, give them the tools to fight back,” she says when asked what prompted her decision to open a business right now.

She says the name of the business Raja Singa Dojo, Raja means Lion King in Malay, honors L.L. Warehouses for helping her realize a dream she didn’t realize she had. The company funded Kali’s venture into business ownership. L.L Warehouses is known as The Lions on the street, easily identified by the golden lion symbol painted on their properties and vehicles.

There is a selection of classes Kali hopes to offer at the dojo, she has a range of training she plans to implement: Mixed Martial Arts (Muay Thai, etc.), boxing, and sparring sessions and she invites anyone with extensive background in the mentioned disciplines to apply as an instructor. They will also offer training programs for security personnel, self defense and combat training for civilians and members of the community.

When questioned about the cost of membership at the dojo, she quickly came back with a very reasonable amount, “We’re charging a monthly membership fee of $50, which includes one on one training and free use of the gym when classes aren’t in session.”

In case anyone is wondering exactly how a woman who just arrived in Hathian a few short months ago can see herself as experienced enough in the goings on of the city to open a business offering the type of services she’s offering, Kali has been training in martial arts since she was child.

They are currently accepting new students, so head to the Raja Singa Dojo and register for training with one of the instructors. You may find me already there!


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