Fake Doctors Instigate Violence

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by Lumi Lintunen

On Sunday, March 6th, a man and a woman in lab coats assaulted three women with syringes. According to our information, the two are married and pretending to be doctors doing vaccinations.

A violent altercation ensued with several of the combatants getting stabbed, bitten and injected with unknown substance. The female ‘doctor’ ended up getting stabbed by a woman identified as “Lizzie.” At one point, the male ‘doctor’ threatened to release an unknown pathogen, but this may be a bluff as he kept changing the name of the alleged viral agent. However, his syringes did contain some kind of mind altering substance, and at least two victims appeared to be under the influence of it.

One of the victims was a previously-injured HPD officer by the name of Akari. Another HPD officer, Landon, helped her escape the fray. It appeared Akari was hallucinating, accusing everyone present of being demons, including the HPD officer that dragged her out of the fray. The other influenced victim, a stripper referred to as Cali by her friend, took part in the fight in a latex police uniform with her breasts out, all while screaming obscenities, such as threatening to cut the male fake doctor’s penis off him and perform sexual acts with it upon him him and the female fake doctor. The male perpetrator seemed to be obsessed with getting to squeeze the breasts of any woman who was involved in the fray.

The scene was eventually attended by four HPD officers who managed to apprehend the fake doctors and take away the one officer who was high. The two other combatants, Lizzie and Cali, made their escape. It appears that these two were defending Akari, the initial victim.

The Observer has not managed to get a further comment from HPD or any of the parties involved yet; we will update you as further details emerge.

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