Good Time at Lou’s Turns into Chaos

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      What was intended to be a fun event at Lou’s Bar on Dec. 18th turned into chaos as Jolly Ole Saint Nick got into fisticuffs with Black Peter.

      The proprietor of Lou’s, known only as Loz (like Beyonce), hired the president of the Devil’s Own Motorcycle Club, Jack Boyer, to put on a little show with Krampus (portrayed by someone only known as Stray Dog). 
        While Loz merely asked the duo to put on a showdown, where Santa was supposed to pick a fight with Krampus, things got heated quickly.
Loz was dressed as the female Krampus, while Jack’s wife Jenna was dressed as Mrs. Claus. The two women were going back and forth with insults. People on both sides were cheering, and someone even said, “Show him he’s not the miracle on this street!” Some people had signs of support for one or the other fighter. During the fight, the two men crashed into a large display of Christmas ornaments. “It was a bloody mess,” said Loz. Then Santa charged at Krampus, and they both went through the window.

        A Hathian Police Department officer, Conner Vond, was on scene, as he had heard of the event and was concerned about the lack of medics on hand. He was attempting to get the main body of people to go inside the bar so the two fighters could get medical attention when Boyer spotted him. Boyer walked over to the officer and spat in his face.

       Vond deployed his taser but was immediately jumped by other members of the motorcycle club. The officer called for backup, and the entire group attempted to flee on their motorcycles when that backup arrived in the form of Detective Carole King. As Boyer drove his bike towards King, she fired her gun at him, causing him to crash into the black sedan permanently parked in front of the pawn shop.

      In an interview, Loz pointed out Twitter posts by King, where the latter was seen bragging about shooting at Boyer and causing him to crash. “Carole did wrong, for sure,” said Loz.
Jack Boyer was disabled by the crash. Jenna Boyer threw a pair of antlers at the detective, threatened both King and Vond, then rushed the latter, who tased her. The woman was subdued, and both of the Boyers were arrested. The antlers were booked into evidence.

      During at interview in an interrogation room at HPD, Boyer was far from forthcoming. Asked what changed the event from a simple fun event to a full throw down, the President of the Devil’s Own Motorcycle club would only say that he made a point, while referring to Krampus as “some horny fuck.”

      Boyer later added, “I like to fight… it’s that simple; it is the way of life. The world is filled with pussies, and the human race has drifted from its true nature. That nature is violence, it’s in our DNA. It’s part of us and those who deprive themselves of their natural instinct are only distancing themselves from the essence of true life.”

       On this occasion, Boyer was charged with assault on a police officer, assault on a rescue professional, gang assault, assault, resisting arrest, willing destruction of property, disorderly conduct, and vandalism. Though relatively new to town, Boyer, his wife, and associates have all racked up numerous criminal charges.

       For example, on Nov. 28th, HPD Officer Raine released a woman from jail who was then picked up by a pack of motorcycle riders, all wearing the Devil’s Own patch. The group collectively revved their bikes, causing Raine and another officer to tell the bikers to leave the area. At this point, the group of bikers attacked the officers. The group only ended the assault when one of the officers was able to call for back up.

       Asked if his group is a gang, Boyer only stated, “I’m part of a Motorcycle Enthusiast Club that enjoys riding motorcycles, nice tits and raising money for wounded veterans.”
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