Letter to the Editor: Setting the Record Straight

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Dear editor,
Over the past few weeks, there has been plenty of rumors and stories going on about what happened at HPD's doorstep on September 28th. What was printed so far has been manipulated lies by the HPD to try and protect their reputation within the city.  I don't blame them for such dirty tactics, but at the same time they are slandering and belittling lives that deserve much more respect than what they are providing and I cannot stand for this. My name is Jay Jester, I work for the XXX, and I am submitting this to the Observer to set the record straight on the account of Neo "Odin" Munsey.

In January 2021, Neo "Odin" Munsey applied for and was hired as a clerk for the XXX. He was like many poor souls that find themselves in this rough city we all call home. A man with little to his name beyond the clothes on his back, needing a job that would allow him to continue living paycheck to paycheck, living in one of the Bate's cheap motel rooms and surviving on microwaved meals and beer. It took a bit for him to be noticed among the XXX staff due to his quiet, timid nature, but in due time he was a recognized face in the XXX family. He was always looking for extra work to do to help earn himself just a bit more money and make his life just a bit better.

The fact's of Neo's life was simple, he had no family to speak of and enjoyed surfing, but he was a kind and loving soul. The first time he was in an outing of note was when he accepted my invitation to join my wife's surprise baby shower at the local bowling alley, exposing him to a mass of people, some known criminals, mostly strangers to him. Neo showed up to the event and was very much a wall flower, awkward and unassuming, obviously not comfortable with a large crowd but he stuck through it, wanting to show support. What Neo didn't know when he arrived was that this was a baby shower for both Sorvy and Amber. He only brought with him one gift. It caught him off guard and left the poor man scrambling when it was his turn to come round and bless the mothers and their unborn children with their gifts. The stuffed animal he had purchased went to Amber and her child. Sorvy, however, was given something that may very well have been a last minute attempt at a gift but had plenty of heart to it.  Neo pulled from his pocket a hand carved gift, a little critter he whittled together. It is misshapen and quite up to interpretation what it is, but Neo would not leave either of these mothers without a gift. The carving is currently sitting on a shelf above Barrabas' crib.

It is at this point I need to address something of myself. I am not a good person by nature. I do terrible things, but I do what I can to be better than that. I will tell you from experience Neo was no villain; he didn't have it in him to bring harm to people. I have mentioned Neo would always be looking for extra work. He truly needed the money, he was always asking my wife if she had any jobs he could do for her, anything he could help her with, that would allow him to earn just a bit more. Earlier than his appearance at the XXX, my wife's life was threatened. Salem of the local Bones had promised to put a bullet through Sorvy's skull, ending her life and that of her unborn child. It was a nasty threat from a former clerk of the XXX who was cared for and loved as family by Sorvy. There was many questions that Sorvy had for Salem regarding this and when Neo heard of it, he had to do to help, offering and persisting on providing help in locating the man. While this manhunt was never concluded, Neo spent months of dedicated nights looking for this would be killer to try and help apprehend him and ensure the safety of my wife.

To speak more of Neo's nature: when the first storm came round and hit Hathian this year, the man got himself stuck within the XXX when the weather was at its worse. The simple reason as to why this occurred was because as things got worse and people were securing shops and evacuating the area, Neo went in to provide as much help as he could. It was a foolish move, if you ask me. Honestly he should have scrammed like everyone else, but Sorvy was risking herself just as much to secure the shop. Neo ended up trapped and stuck hiding under the safety of a mattress within the XXX till the storm calmed down enough for him to get out of there, get dry clothes from Sorvy, and brought to the safety of the Garage Gym to wait out the rest of the storm.

In July, we had my daughter's birthday party and Neo once again found himself invited to the event, now not just as an employee but as a member of the family. [He] was presented with a new challenge, not just a crowd of strangers but a crowd of children. Neo was just as out of place as he was back in the baby shower earlier in the year, though he forced himself to participate in the activities, photos, and bowling with Aida and all those that had gathered to celebrate her birthday. During the event, Aida stopped having a fun time bowling and had gotten quite upset.

What struck a cord here and speaks to who Neo was in life was the fact that for most of the event, he clearly had no idea how to handle himself around the kids. He wasn’t a father. He had little to no experience with little ones. He was in a very awkward place right now. Despite being an outsider and despite his awkward self, Neo proved his heart once more and sat himself next to the upset Aida and had a talk with her. An attempt to recover the birthday girl’s day and bring up her spirits and joy again. He clearly didn’t know what to say but the man did his best to turn around a sad girl’s mood.

The kindness this man had showed had no bounds and wasn't simply tied to my family or to the members of the XXX or even the Kogarashi who the HPD like to associate him to. A prime example of this was his defense and support of one of our local doctors. He went out drinking during one of his evenings and came across a situation of discrimination. Some patrons were harassing one of our local gay men, one who enjoys dressing in drag and one of the few males I've talked clothing and hair with. Now Neo was a heterosexual male; he wasn't some brute macho man by any means, but he wasn't himself gay. Still, while faced with this situation of a man on his own being harassed by others, Neo came to his rescue, put on an act, and played the part of being there for this man. Neo gave this man his support for some time to come, even going as far as accompanying his new found friend to the local Pride event as awkward as that was for him.

Now for Neo's criminal career, I mean the claims are that the man was a member of the Kogarashi when he was executed before the HPD, so he had to have some form of criminal career right? What I'm sharing here is from my knowledge directly tied to these incidents. It is no secret that I am a member of the Kogarashi;Bourbon street is under my watch. Neo was always looking for more, to improve his life, and he often stated he was ready to do more. I personally never saw him as fit for a criminal life but the man was given a chance.  

The first true crime Neo committed that I am aware of was an incident that occurred at our local pawn shop. The shop was targeted by Onyx of the Bones, the woman had come around armed with a pistol to cause trouble and Neo made an effort to protect the shop, ending up in a gun fight with one of the Koga's rivals. This incident didn't play out like one would think however with one taking out the other. Instead the police had been alerted, and multiple officers with firearms at the ready arrived and were coming down upon the building forcing Neo and Onyx to put aside their dispute to try and make their escape in one piece. This situation was a complete mess that I happened to drive into, literally was turning the road in my jeep heading down Bourbon to go to work only to suddenly have officers riddling my vehicle with bullets, as Neo and Onyx made their way out of the Pawn Shop. I hit the brakes the moment bullets were flying, the two wanted criminals were bleeding upon the ground and trying to get away as officers started to unload their magazines through my windshield and into my vehicle.  It was an utter nightmare situation and I did what I could to get out of there but not before saving family and someone who was a hated rival of mine by allowing them to slip into the back seat of my vehicle as I sped on out. Onyx was safely returned to her own, and Neo was brought to my home.

Before proceeding to his next crime, it is here that Neo's weakness and lack of heart for crime first shone through. I have been shot many a times, many of the Kogarashi and other criminal elements in this town have been shot, but we recover and find ourselves back on the streets doing what we do. The incident at the pawn shop would have been the death of Neo. He was mortally wounded and brought to the safety of my home. My wife and I have medical experience and with the help of a doctor friend of ours we managed to remove the HPD bullets from Neo's body and stabilize him. He spent the first few days in recovery with us, processing the fact that he nearly died, he had lost his nerve, he wanted nothing to do with the criminal elements, he yelled at our daughter warnings against trusting people and criminals. The man was shaken. He feared for his life from the HPD, that they would roll up on him and get him, he distanced himself from those of us in the Kogarashi. He nearly died from infection soon after from his healing wounds only to be saved by that same doctor he supported at the bar. It took time for him to recover from what happened, to not be shaken to his core for nearly dying to police gunfire.  Eventually tho he was given his proper opportunity after he apologized for his weakness to the people who saved him.

Neo's second crime was the assault of a police officer. It wasn't much, he was given a certain amount of time to prove he had it in him by harming an officer and collecting their badge. He picked a target, he stressed about it for some time, his insides twisted and turned as he built up the courage to actually bring harm to someone. There was doubt in place that he would actually be able to complete his assigned task but in the end Neo did as he was told. He indeed found an officer standing about on the street, he came up to them with knife in hand and fought with the officer.  Neo failed to really harm his target, but in the fight he did manage to cut loose their badge and run away with it, completing what was an assigned task while also getting his nose broken in the process.

The third and final crime against Neo was quite the special situation, to be fair he was more of a victim in this situation then an actual participant.  Not to long ago the Kogarashi had captured one Officer Carole King to teach her some lessons. I'm not here to defend or hash out what was done with Carole. She wasn't our only captive of the time, others were taken and the final person that was abducted was Neo himself. I went out out and met him at a bar he was told to go to, I searched him for any weapons, blindfolded the man and had him sit in my car to be driven to the holding site of our victims. Neo at this point was locked in with them, not permitted to leave during the period of their stay with us.  During this time he was given his second task, to ensure Carole didn't die.  Over the next few days he spent his his time watching what we did to our captives and then tending to their needs to keep them alive.  He was forced to record the abuse Carole was put through, he pleaded with us against what was being done, the reality was he couldn't stand for what was happening and didn't have the heart or capacity to participate. When everything was done he was released along with our captives, sent off to his motel room where he would spend the next while keeping low and in hiding, terrified of the police coming after him.

Now I've shared all of this to give you the readers, members of our community here in Hathian as much of the full life story of Neo "Odin" Munsey.  I leave it to each and every one of you to make of it what you will, reflect on these incidents and think over what kind of man Neo was.  He wasn't some dead beat dad who abandoned a non existent family that the HPD made up.  He wasn't a career criminal.  He was a man with next to nothing, of a good heart, trying to do what he could to better his position in life and support his friends and those he called family.  He cared for the innocent and got mixed up with what many would call the wrong crowd.  He was a good man who did his best, did better than many of us do out on these streets.  Keep this in mind and your own feelings on the man as we proceed to the truths the HPD has been trying to cover up.

Neo had stayed in hiding for quite some time after the Carole incident, it wasn't until a few weeks ago that he reached out to me to have a discussion, we privately met and had a talk.  It was during that meeting between him and I that Neo died.  You see my dear readers, the man known as Neo "Odin" Munsey had had enough.  He was tired of having to hide from the police, he was exhausted of lying to the people he called friends and family, he was utterly suffering in a loneliness none of us could truly understand.  The man was fed up with the corruption he witnessed within the HPD and did not have the heart to participate in any further criminal acts, he simply wanted out of it all, to escape everything and be able to live a normal civilian life, it was here that he man I called family revealed to me that he was not Neo "Odin" Munsey but instead an undercover officer by the name of Kai Slater, he trusted me with this, to help get him out.

I will not defend what happened next, it was blatant murder.  The HPD had crossed a line.  They put the lives of my family and friends at risk with this undercover cop.  They sent a man with a good heart into a den of lions, nearly killing him themselves.  They made a good man suffer in true loneliness.  I do not know what kind of man Kai Slater was but I chose to believe that some of what made Neo truly good was very much alive within this undercover officer who needed an out.  Not long after our meeting I met up with Kai at the XXX, he gave my wife the first ever birthday gift for our newly born daughter Jasper, they spoke about the future, how uncle Neo would teach our daughter Aida how to skateboard and be part of our children's lives.  Kai had no idea that I was about to bring him to his execution.  I told him a story, made him agree to have his hands cuffed and had him wear a blindfold, I was taking him to his final task and that after this it would all be over, that he would be free.  From here I drove the man to the HPD, marched him up to their front step and removed his blindfold.  It was then and only then that he witnessed and came to understand what was happening as in his view was the various members of the Kogarashi with pistols drawn and aimed at his head.  It was at this moment that Kai Slater died.

Kai Slater died on September the 28th on the doorstep of HPD.  He died as a message and warning to the HPD and to all good people of Hathian.  He died so that no more good men be put through the hell he had to endure.  The HPD chose to dishonor his death by making up a story of him being killed at the Clam by some homeless man so that they can hide their shame, that one of their own gave himself up to escape the life they put him in.  They dishonor the life of Neo by treating him like he was just scum dead beat dad who ran away from his family to hide in Hathian and become a gang banger.  Neo may have been a lie but he was family.  For those of you who have read this to its conclusion  I plead to you to not allow their lies belittle the lives that were lost.

Signed Jay Jester
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