Weymann and Raider Go Down, Not Seen Up Again

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Two residents of Hathian go missing during a flight to South America.

Loz Weymann boarded a private plane. piloted by Tahoma Raider. at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport yesterday night at 7:00 PM. Their last radio transmission occurred at midnight and they disappeared from radar shortly after.

Their last location was over the Amazon jungle in an area known for recently discovered ruins of an ancient civilization and the uncontacted Chumbawamba tribe. 

Brazil dispatched a search party, but have yet to find any clues as to their whereabouts.

Weymann is a known figure around Hathian, notable for owning Lou’s Bar, lead singer of Wicked in the Bayou, and her disputes with local pawn shop owner Brandie Kelly. Raider is an officer of the Hathian Police Department.. The two have grown increasingly close together over the last few recent weeks.

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