Hathian Police Make Statement on Recent Arrests

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On August 2nd, the Hathian Police Department conducted a major operation across the city proper. From Hathian Highway to Northshore, officers conducted numerous stops and arrests. A statement, written by Hathian Police Department’s media liaison Jacqueline Williams, shares details of the event.

The Hathian Police Department conducted a major operation to surgically apprehend and detain a number of Hathian’s Most Wanted criminals, resulting in a major operational success. The Hathian Police Department values its determination in keeping the worst of our community off the streets, and if it were not for the valiant efforts of our Officers, these thugs would have continued to harm the hard working members of our community without restraint. The Hathian Police Department will continue to work with the community to keep our streets safe. To this notion, we ask the citizenry that if you see something, say something, and we will be there in a moment’s notice.

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