Police Go Down on Female Suspects

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On July 6th at 6:30 PM, Hathian Police Department officers respond to a report of two female suspects fighting at Lou’s Bar on Hathian Highway.

Upon police arrival, suspects divert their attention upon officers. The suspects draw their weapons, one with a gun and the other with a knife. A suspect fires upon officers, striking one.

Officers arm themselves and return fire. One suspect is hit as she pulls the other into cover behind the bar.

From the bar, a suspect fires her weapon. An officer is hit. Rather than remark upon his wound, he comments upon the damage to his clothes.

“This is a new jacket and shirt!” the officer exclaims before shooting in retaliation.

Another officer, armed with a taser, arrives on scene and enters the bar. As police backup arrives, the suspects attempt to flee through the attached patio.

A suspect is struck in the leg by a bullet and she pleads, “Just let us go!” to police.

Police charge after the suspects with demands to drop their weapons.

One suspect trips over a pursuing officer’s foot and catches herself upon a patio pole. She gathers herself, touches her fresh bullet wounds, and encourages the other suspect to flee out into the street.

The other suspect does not hesitate to make towards the escape, leaving her collaborator to resign herself into police custody. She makes it so far as the curb before succumbing to her injuries and falling to the ground. An officer quickly moves to arrest her.

As officers attempt to cuff the remaining suspect, she opens with a surprise knife attack. She cuts into the same officer previously bemoaning his ripped shirt.

“BRAND NEW!” the officer laments and tears off his coat before kneeing the suspect in the head.

Other officers draw their weapons again. They however are not put to use as the remaining suspect abruptly loses consciousness.

Two officers and two suspects receive moderate to severe injuries. The suspects have been transported to Hathian General Hospital, until their pending medical release into Hathian Police Department custody.

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