Anna’s Polish Goodies Wants to Polish Off In Your Mouth

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Submission by Nobu.

Anna Novak opens Anna’s Polish Goodies on Battle St. in District 8.

Novak gracefully accepted granted an interview with the Hathian Observer. Despite her busy day, Novak found a little time in her pre-opening schedule to talk about this new, exiting restaurant.

NOBU: “When are you open for guests, if you are not already?”

ANNA: “We are preparing for a grand opening that will take place on July 22nd at 12:00 PM. There will be free samples of food to try and taste. You will be able to buy products imported directly from Poland for discounted prices and few more surprises, but I will keep it secret for the grand opening itself.”

NOBU: “Why should the average Hathian dine in Anna’s Polish Goodies?”

ANNA: “People are used to eating the typical American food with a dose of Italian cuisine here and there, but Polish food is totally different. If you are a person who likes adventures, new cultures, and new tastes then you are most welcome to come to my restaurant. Try the Polish cuisine; something that this town didn’t have until now.”

NOBU: “How is the Polish cuisine different from your average American food? Is there a special dish we should try?”

ANNA: “The average American cuisine is often greasy and mostly unhealthy, and the focus is on fast preparation and deep fried foods. Polish food is slowly cooked with the right amount of spices, making the food aromatic and tasty from the first try. It’s always prepared from fresh ingredients as well. I recommend to try pierogi’s with meat filling, bigos and zurek soup. My food is from imported products, which you won’t find anywhere here in Hathian.”

NOBU: “Some residents may know you as an doctor working at Hathian General Hospital. How does a doctor come up with the idea to open a restaurant?”

ANNA: “Saving people’s lives on a daily basis can be pressuring and stressing. Here, I can relax and enjoy the fact that others likes my foreign cuisine. I am happy to share with people tastes from my childhood and want to ‘infect’ them with love to the Polish kitchen, so to speak.”

NOBU: “I see a lot of large images of lovely landscapes and architecture on the walls. What thoughts have you had about the interior of the restaurant?”

ANNA: “I have let myself be inspired by my home country, Poland. The images are inspired by the Poland’s greatest cities such as Krakow, Warsaw (the capitol), Wroclaw, and Marlbork Castle.”

NOBU: “I see. Would you work together with a travel agency, if such a business came to town?”

ANNA: “If the agency and I will profit from it, then why not? I am a doctor, but I am a businesswoman as well. Anyone who is interested in working with me, either directly or in a cooperation with me, is very welcome. Also, we are always hiring. As we are a growing business, we need an extra pair of hands in the restaurant. If anyone would like to work in my restaurant, they are very welcome. I can guarantee good money and extra profits on a monthly salary. I was raised as a good human being. If I have money, I want to share them with people that work as hard as me. Why not be large on the salary and bonus?”

NOBU: “What skill set are you looking for in a new employee?”

ANNA: “The most important thing is to not be late for work. I hate unpunctual people. A person applying for the job should be dedicated to it, serve the dishes with a smile, and be kind and polite in general. That would be the ideal description of my new manager. Also, I am looking for a chef cook that has that sixth sense about preparing good food. I want my customers to have the experience of an orgasm in their mouth.”

NOBU: “Are there any last comments you’d like to share with Observer readers?”

ANNA: “I want to encourage everyone to come and check out the place. I guarantee food of the highest freshness level, an experience totally different from what they eat daily, and for a really good price. So either if you are broke or loaded, my restaurant is open for everyone. And the owner is a sweetheart.”

Anna’s Polish Goodies will receive guests from July 22nd from 12 PM local time (SLT), where the opening party will be held. The most expensive dish I could find was schabowy, which is fried loin in coating with a side of potatoes and cabbage, for 5,49 dollars.


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