Portraying Hathian’s Citizens

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Hello dear Reader,

my name is Emma Lymont, I’m 23 years old, was born in Georgia and moved to Hathian a few months ago. Since I was a teenager I have always been interested in the latest fashion and always have been having a keen eye for good looks. Now you wonder why I’m telling you all of this? The answer is simple: I’m going to bring fashion and my knowledge to Hathian!

I’ve recently started working as a model and dancer at Rize Productions, so I have been wondering, why not look for more women and men in town who like to dress stylish, classy, sexy, special in their own way or whatever it might be? There are so many unique people in this town and I aim to find them all. Find all of you out there in Hathian’s businesses! So, over the next weeks I’ll be wandering through the streets and pay businesses in town a visit to find YOU! Yes, exactly. I mean you out there.

I was lucky enough to win the amazing Tawny Miller (who is one of the best photographers I know) to help me with photo shoots. Now you are asking, how is this going to work? What does Emma have in mind? There are several things:

First, I want to portray all of you awesome people out there in the Observer. You get the chance to have a photo shoot with Tawny, are going to get pictures for free.

Second, we are going to promote the business you work for. Who is the “Grind’s Sexiest Barista”? Who is the “Titty Twister’s Best Dancer”? Who is the “FDH’s Hottest Firefighter”? Or even, who is “Lou’s Hardest Drinker” or “The towns best dressed Criminal”? If there are two sexy Baristas at the Grind for example (I’m sure there are even more than that!), why not make it a contest and have the citizens decide who is the sexiest one?

Third, if you want you’ll get a free styling counseling by me. Which colors suit you best? For the ladies, do you look better in pants or in a dress? What makeup suits you? Would a change of hair color improve your look? You can ask all of the question you ever wanted to ask about fashion and styling.

Curious? Or maybe interested in promoting your business? Then feel free to reach out to me.

Phone number: xxx-xxx-xxxx

((IM Emma Heartsong for details!))

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