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Asia Banu, new owner of Berthier St. Bakery

Just across a street from Hathian’s main gas station, there sits a row of shops that have long been neglected and forgotten. Asia Banu has decided to change that by taking the lead in cleaning up the street. She’s decided to breath new life into our own Berthier St. Bakery, taking over the management and ownership of the seldom used treasure.

The California native was born in San Fransisco to musician parents who toured with a cover band named “Busta Groove,” she grew up in Brentwood, located in Los Angeles County, where she lived until she moving to Hathian.

Asia says she had never really thought about owning a business, however listening to her friends tell her how “off the charts” her baked goods were, she decided to give it a try. It’s a pretty sure bet that she’ll soon be a ‘must visit’ shop for Hathian visitors and residents alike. When asked about her qualifications, she wasn’t shy about informing us she was trained by the best cook in South Africa.

She plans to offer event cakes mostly, but states that anything that a customer wants to order, in the way of baked goods, can be made. Recently she ran a poll on Twitter, a popular website for socializing in Hathian. The poll was on whether donuts should be added to the menu. It’s a safe bet to assume the results were…”a resounding yes” from participants.

As with any new business that opens, one of the big questions everyone wants to ask is “how are the prices?”

According to Asia, her prices will be comparable to other businesses in town. Asia plans to donate 5% of her sales revenue to feeding the homeless. Unfortunately, she recently had to spend what she had already raised to repair a window in her shop after a vandal shattered it. She’s still waiting on the vandal to make reparations for her immature act.

So, when you’re out an about on a weekend, shopping and hanging out with friends at the nearby businesses, keep Berthier St. Bakery in mind and stop by. Word on the street is you won’t be disappointed, by taste or by price.

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