Dear Grace: Sad Kid

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Dear graze,

I quetion , my mama cant cook, she burn tings . Cokees taze better. How tell mama and no make her sad? Also i wanna talk mama and my brothere and sisthere more but I cant hear . Can read a lil bit though! What should do?Not talking making sad. I sad alot and i don’t like it.


Sad Kid

Dear Sad Kid,

Does your mama know she can’t cook? Even if she does, she’s trying to cook to show you she loves you very much. Mamas can’t be good at everything but they want to try. Your mama probably feels bad that she can’t cook and tries anyway. Why not ask your daddy to say something to her? Or an Auntie? or Grandma? I am sure a grown-up can help.

I am sorry you can’t hear. My little girl can’t hear either. We are teaching her to sign, and soon she will be able to use her hands to talk. You should practice. Perhaps come to Seaside, I will be trying to set up a deaf club so other people can learn it too. Look on the Seaside website and we will make an announcement too.

I am sending you a lot of love, Sad Kid. I want you to come to me one day and tell me you are doing okay.



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