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by Angelica Clare.


Vice belongs to the city and the city is always welcome


VICE CITY NIGHTCLUB IS COMING HOME TO HATHIAN, and Ayeli Vicetti is a name that none soon forget – a prominent personage peaking with bemusedly balanced portions of class and sass. Ayeli speaks for none other than the iconic Vice City Nightclub, a 1980s electric dream of neon lights, shining like a pink neon promise against the dark night in Hathian. Citizens were down and out when the nightclub closed earlier this year, however, Twitter feeds and word on the street have been hotter than a neon light in Vegas on Sunday.


Founded by former partner and citizen of Hathian, Alejandro Vega, Vice City’s name is based on the infamous GTA (Grand Theft Auto) video game and the one version of it that boasts a take on 1980s pop culture: ‘Vice City,’ which echoed the crime investigators Crockett and Tubbs and all of the overly stylistic, thematic genius of the 1980s TV series Miami Vice. Vega, like the Miami Vice series – notorious for both commendable and reprehensible acts, was released from prison earlier this year, prompting an apprehensive Ayeli to shut down Vice and forge some buffer zone (a good 900 miles of it) leaving Hathian to open a gym in Chicago, which eventuated to the former couple crossing paths in Illinois. In light of them since being on better terms, Ayeli made the decision for the long-awaited return to our city.


club life… it just makes you happy for a while


In January this year, Ayeli was quoted as saying to the Observer: “Family means I am Hathian and I consider those of Hathian as my family. When we are together dancing, singing, partying – we are family.” When asked if this heart-warming notion still rang true, she replied: “Of course. Life’s tough on the streets of Hathian, but when you come into Vice city nothing matters but having a drink, dancing, getting to know each other and having fun. Events were a great thing because we all put effort and came together to have fun. HPD mingling with known gang members, like, I dunno – club life… it just makes you happy for a while.”

A buzz of excitement is sweeping through the city, and the chatter is about a grand re-opening – but what does Ayeli see in store for Vice City? Will it be a replica of the classic that everyone remembers? Or will there be some new ingredients to the mix? Ayeli fans the flames of anticipation and tells us we need to wait and see on this one, as it is in the process of being renovated. Vice City nightclub is indeed a family affair, as Ayeli runs the club with Nikolas ‘The Lion’ Mulcahy and other members of the Vice City clan.

What is on the horizon for Vice City? Ayeli tells us: “I see Vice being what Vice has always been. A place you can go to forget your troubles. Meet the community. Get to know and become a family. We’ve already had a Hathian baby conceived and born in Vice, to Ben and Ren. Baby Ten. Maybe we’ll have a Vice wedding. We hosted the municipal event and often organize charity nights. Vice belongs to the city and the city is always welcome.”



Further information:

Citizens of Hathian are required to bring proof of residence and will receive all drinks half price whenever they visit Vice City. Vice City has had extensive sound-proofing installed so as to limit disruption for neighbors. There are lots of future plans for various events at Vice city, but that will be advertised and promoted in due course.

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