Five Gold Gaming Opens Monday: Now Hiring

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Want to explore dark, long forgotten ruins littered with monsters and possible treasure? Prowl the streets after midnight as member of an ancient vampiric society, looking for a quick bite? Explore strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations? No matter where your imagination wants to take you, Five Gold Gaming will help you get there. Whether it’s board games, miniatures, collectible card games or pen and paper role-playing games, Five Gold’s friendly game room and extensive collection of both retail and store owned titles will open up new worlds of adventure to all of Hathian’s brave explorers. Come by and join us for our grand opening on Monday, October 1st, and receive a 10% discount on ALL merchandise, as well as a special 10% discount on all horror board games and RPG books for the entire month of October. We’re located in District 8, near the motel behind the Baelish Lounge. Adventure is calling you; roll for initiative!

Five Gold gaming is looking for friendly, knowledgeable people in need of full or part-time work. For more information, and to apply contact Yelena Sinclair at XXX-XXX-2532. ((IM HollyKessler Resident in world))

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