The Second of the Two Fog Ringleaders Captured!

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taken by Valmont Marseille

In the wake of the fog clouding over Hathian this past weekend, several of the perpetrators have been successfully caught by local police and hopefully, this means that justice will be served. These bizarre attacks, which began on Friday, September 15 and ended on Sunday, September 17, spanned for a total of three days, coating most of the central areas of the city in a thick, drug-induced haze. Initially, these attacks began with multiple tear gas-like canisters continuously detonating throughout the city, and then multiple suspects of two seemingly separate groups were spotted either spraying citizens directly. Amidst the chaos, several bombings occurred as well, including a fire truck, the Titty Twister, the Slab, and an abandoned building across the street from the cemetery, which was notorious for its connection to the Devouring.

Thus far, the suspects captured have been Revenant leader Astrid “Agony” Ayria, Max DeVille, Dove, and Raph, the latter two whose last names are currently unknown. Beyond these four suspects, however, three had been left unaccounted for, two of which were finally arrested on Tuesday and Wednesday. These two suspects were Kiryu Hideyoshi and a woman simply named ‘Dark’. Unfortunately, the only arrest out of these six arrests that was able to be captured on film was Hideyoshi’s, which occurred late night September 19, roughly around 11 p.m.

It appears that Hideyoshi was the second ringleader in these attacks, alongside Ayria whom he was prior linked to via the Revenants. Hideyoshi was a former leader of the gang and after these attacks, it’s pretty easy to say that he still holds a strong connection with the group. Initially, Hideyoshi’s arrest began with a confrontation involving Officer Hiro Szuyuan in the Hathian Cemetery. This reporter was lucky enough to stumble upon the scene early on, and I was able to gather quite a bit of insight surrounding Hideyoshi’s arrest and the attacks that led to it, as well as a photograph of the arrest itself.

In what can only be interpreted as an open confession to this past week’s grave robberies, Hideyoshi questioned Szyuyan’s presence by stating: “Are you looking for the Crows? […] They’re gone, man. Nothing left here but dirt.”

Szuyuan informed Hideyoshi that he had spotted him during the attacks and recognized him, and in response to mention of the grave robberies, said: “[As] soon as I heard word that there was someone screwing around with the graveyard, stealing bodies, well I knew it had to be one of you or your friends.” But what ‘friends’ is this in reference to? Could this be another group of criminals rising up in the city? It certainly wouldn’t be surprising considering Hideyoshi has been linked to three different criminal organizations in the past: Tsurai, the Devouring, and the Revenants.

It didn’t take long for the criminal to draw a knife, though the officer was armed as well with a large hammer. Hideyoshi made the first attack, speaking openly about destruction, chaos, and disorder. He also went on to state: “In a place such as this, some sort of order needs to be set in motion, a direction. This place has had many. Look at the Crows here […] They had a purpose. Demons, we had a purpose too. But with each downfall, purpose tends to disappear. Who else is going to restore that?”

This statement alone, as well as various other bizarre activities all linked to Hideyoshi, is a strong indicator that he is engaged with some sort of organization once again, though he did not speak of a name. In fact. it’s very likely that there isn’t one. But restoration of order and direction to the city would take more than just the work of one lone man, further indicating an organization of some sort. So what better name to label this mysterious group than simply ‘The Order’?

Just two days prior to his arrest, Hideyoshi’s longtime partner in crime, Revenant Leader Astrid “Agony” Ayria, had been taken into police custody and according to public records, this is certainly not their first run in with the law together. During his reign as a Revenant, Hideyoshi had been incarcerated several times for various criminal activities alongside Ayria, and it appears the two have a child together.

From several witness accounts, Hideyoshi’s group were spreading the word of ‘God’ (a deity identified only as ‘Abaddon’) and encouraging victims sprayed with some sort of super-drug to wreak destruction and chaos throughout the city while under its influence. Furthermore, below are several mugshots of the ringleaders of these fog attacks, each accessed via public records:

It is currently unknown what charges are being pressed against the two and their two organizations but it is safe to say that somewhere, terrorism is likely among them. Could The Order and The Revenants be in cahoots for another attack on the city sometime in the future? It’s hard to say though at least now, the citizens of Hathian can rest easy with these culprits behind bars.

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