“Another Police Officer is on Target List”

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Mr. Drac Liam has decided to share the dark side of the Hathian Police Department (HPD) through the pen of our reporter, Mr. Abu Muhammad. In an exclusive interview during the late hours on the 6th of May, he disclosed a long list of crimes committed by police officers on duty and off duty. He also shared CCTV coverage of one such incident at Lou’s bar to prove his point. During the conversation he mentioned, “you can also tell them that I am going to kill one more of them soon,” implying that Mr. Liam intends to murder yet another police officer. This will be his 5th, if he succeeds.

Mr. Abu Muhammad then engaged Sergeant Nick Matfield and Detective Lieutenant O’Neil to inform them of his findings, and learn why a man would make so many allegations on a civil department with confidence and evidence. The response was that Mr. Liam should lodge a proper complaint for the Sergeant to be able to respond to it. Detective O’Neil on the other hand was not as collected, she called Mr. Liam “delusional,” and pointed out that “he’s down for two convictions for assaulting HPD officers.”

For those of you who are still reading here is a list of the allegations that Mr. Liam has made on the HPD:

  • Councilwoman Charis Lemoine used to be an HPD cop and with a man named Noah, took his sister into isolation when she was in jail, overdosed her on heroin, and dumped her. He is confident that his sister miscarried her baby because of their actions.
  • Dax Carver and Jarek Loki abducted him from the hospital, tortured him, and left him to die. He had said, “Sewed my lips shut, injected me with paralytics, cut my fucking finger off?”
  • An off-duty officer raped 4 girls and beaten them to a bad shape (though HIPAA privacy laws prevent sharing footage of this)
  • Officers poisoned him in jail, they tried to drown him in a toilet and shot him when he was cuffed.

During the interview, he also mentioned matter-of-factly: “I have killed four of them in ways that aren’t meant to be spoken about. Lei Mandelbaum tried to stab me in the throat. River Dyx threatened to rape my wife. Victoria Saleem held me at gunpoint and made threats against my kids. David Erebos kidnapped and brutally beat and raped my sister. Though I can’t take all the credit for David. My sister got the finishing blow.” It is not clear how many of these were already a part of the list above.

At another point he mentioned: “You can’t go to the HPD about the HPD because they write it off. I was stabbed in Lou’s by a cop, have the video footage and everything. I reported it and nothing was done, and later he ended up dead at the hands of me and my sister.” This footage is available now with our reporter Abu Muhammad and can be shared with any party interested to investigate the matter further. Interestingly, Sergeant Nick Matfield did not remember any such video ever being shared with the police. It is an extremely busy department, so we should give him the benefit of the doubt.

These are still allegations from Mr. Liam, and we request anyone who has witnessed any aspects of the story or has any evidence to step forward and share with the Observer. You may also do it anonymously by leaving it in our office overnight ((post box outside the Observer office or contact Charlesbelow Resident, the reporter.))

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