Wham, Bam, took the Cam!

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In the middle of an online Twitter promotion titled the “Dirty Mind Challenge” to garner more publicity and traffic, Hathian’s own XXX porn shop has made an unprecedented move.  Since the acquisition of the Bourbon street porn shop, the new proprietor, Alyona Dubrovsky has been a staunch advocate for keeping the store’s doors open to the public at any hour of the day.

“Why close shop when we have workers wanting to work and people wanting to buy?”

In the wake of the fourth in a series of Robberies, Alyona Dubrovsky has closed the doors of the Hathian XXX Shop to repair damage and replace what was stolen.

The total of the loss to the adult entertainment store was a value of about $1200 which included all the money in the register, DVDs, sex toy vibrators and security equipment. The XXX Shop Owner described the scene as a “katastrofa”, which we later found out translates to a disaster.

When Alyona came upon the scene she found David Millman, also known as Dirty Dave, unconscious on the floor of the shop with the displays in disarray. Her first priority was to see to the downed clerk, but once Dave was safely packed off to the HGH, she turned her focus toward finding out what had happened.dirty_dave

Much to her dismay, she found that, along with the money, toys and DVDs stolen, the security camera’s main storage hub had been taken as well. She had no way to identify the perpetrators.

Only the eye-witness accounts of the clerk, whom took several blows to the head, can provide any details as to who is responsible for this crime. They were described as two women in bunny masks, one was a brunette in a red checkered shirt, colorful boots, with tattoos ; the other blond with pink-tipped hair dressed in black.

If anyone has any information regarding this crime, Alyona Dubrovsky asks that you contact the HPD, who are currently investigating the robbery.

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