Candidates Announced for Empty Government Seats

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As citizens are now aware, both the Mayor and one Councilman have resigned from their seats in the city government. Given the unexpected nature of their departure, the Elections office is holding a short election to fill those places February 10-12, 2016.

Polling locations will be at the Civil Services building on Hathian Highway, inside the lobby of the Hathian Police Department, and within the gym at Columtreal University. Each polling location will be equipped with security & staff to ensure no fraud or violence occurs.

Registration has now closed, and after criminal background checks were completed, a few mayoral and council hopefuls have been unfortunately deemed ineligible for office. The following candidates, however, have passed and are eligible for election.

Mayoral (one seat):
Bob Bond ((fluffyfat resident))
Sira Ember
Valentina Amor Fernandez ((kellyduchene))
Jeremiah Finch ((alisterkeenan resident))
Nick Matfield ((nickolask resident))
Azreal Venom
Ryeowook Yheng ((ryeowookx resident))

City Council (two seats):
Manny Core ((Manny Ashland))
Alexandra Markus ((Alexandra Melune))
Mollie Thorpe ((mollierhodes resident))
Kian Traviss ((blankidea resident))

Given the amount of mayoral candidates, should the results show three that are too close to call, a run-off election may be held February 14-15, if needed. The elections office has also opened up one more council seat. Keep an eye on the Hathian Observer for interviews & campaign editorials! And good luck!

((No rezzing posters, please. Contact Perina McGinnis with questions!))

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