Revenge Attack by Paramedic Behind the HGH

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Late Thursday afternoon two female paramedics were arrested and carted off to Hathian Police Department for assault after a woman I was speaking with was attacked behind the hospital. Ms. F. and I (her name has been omitted to protect her identity) had just finished our conversation, and were exchanging mobile details, when Ms. F. noticed a woman just a few feet away (pictured standing above). The woman appeared to be uneasy at the sight of my discussion partner, who perhaps may not be considered by some to be the most safety oriented of people, and began attempting to leave.

Distracted by this apparently uneasy woman, both I and Ms. F were unaware of a fourth arrival to the scene as we were joined from behind by a pink haired woman. Unable to see much, due to my glasses having been previously smashed in an altercation just moments before with another woman (who’s name I am omitting simply because I am tired of being accused of stalking her for stories), I was unaware that the woman was sneaking up on Ms. F until she had already launched herself at her. From the side, I watched the blurry figures of Ms. F and the pink-headed woman as they struggled, the reflection of metal flashing as she attempted to stab and, perhaps, kill the woman.

As the altercation went on, both I and Ms. F attempted to phone the police – obviously I succeeded, since I was not being attacked. The emergency dispatch, who was wonderfully cheerful and helpful (and very thorough in making sure I was safe while on call) immediately sent officers. Unfortunately it seemed that help was not to come soon enough to stop the dark haired woman from both recognizing and attempting to aid her friend.

While I am unable to say if the dark haired woman had intended to attack Ms. F as well, or if she was simply attempting to stop her friend from mauling the woman, as I was too blind to see more than the blurred figures and flashing of metal and red-splotchy blood, I can say that the dark haired woman entered the fray with a blade of her own. She seemed, however (based on the screamed comments and pleas) to be more concentrated on stopping the attack and saving her friend from a jail cell.

Ultimately, however, she was to be unsuccessful. As Ms. F managed to stagger off – mace blind and cut up – the responding officer arrived and subdued both women, who were already in the process of cleaning up and attempting to leave the scene (as if I wasn’t sitting right there watching and waiting for the cops). As far as this reporter could tell, the two women (who it was later revealed to me by Ms. F as being paramedics) were processed with professionalism and in complete accordance with procedure, which was reassuring to see. As I mentioned before, not all of the HPD is corrupt, this officer was an example of this fact. I am uncertain what the child was doing at the scene (his face was blurred to protect his identity), but he appeared to be aiding the officer, who directed the child to bag the evidence which included a broken phone, a knife and bloody tissues.

The attack was allegedly spawned because of some altercation between the instigator (the pink haired woman) and for their part, the attacking woman and her friend both seemed to be coming from a place of vengeance, as I heard the pink haired woman yell “I’ll make you sorry for torturing me!” Ms. F had this to say when asked about the events when asked, “[Pink Hair] is a masochist. A party slut. She was at the Christmas party. She [Pink Hair] did a scene with me, never safeworded out. Decided we went too far after. Now she has a grudge.”

I am unable to verify which of the two accounts might be true at this time without access to the other side of the story; certainly the pink haired woman’s distress had seemed legitimate in claiming revenge, but then again, the scenario explained by Ms. F is also one that, as I am aware, can happen in the BDSM community, especially at certain types of ‘parties’. Regardless, at the end of the day, vigilantism is something that clearly isn’t acceptable in a city this active with police.  While I do feel bad for having been a party to sending these women to what some allege to be a process and system rife with abuse, neither could I simply watch someone get stabbed and not act.. I can only hope that I, and the piling witness testimony, are truly wrong about the HPD and their practices behind the closed bull-pen doors – for the sake of all those who are in there.

Neither woman could be reached for comment at this time, but this reporter hopes to be able to get the other half of this story and perhaps an inside look at how they were treated upon their release. The victim is recovering from non-fatal wounds outside of the hospital, and will make a full recovery.

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