Get ‘Down and Dirty’!

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Our Mission is to make Your Panes Our Pleasures!

We understand things tend to get hectic at times. It’s difficult trying to juggle work AND a social life. Who wants to come home to a mess of a house, and spend valuable time cleaning, alone? Well, We’ve Got a Lust for Dust!

Allow our maids to take care of the dirty work, while you watch! Our services are available 24/7, don’t let the time slip away, let us be at your beck n’ call! Just can’t get enough of how well we do our job? Feel free to inquire about further services within our company. It’s a dirty world, why not let us help you adjust.. Our maids are guaranteed to help you enjoy all the pleasures of life, not stuck getting Down and Dirty without us!

Are you interested in becoming a Dirty Maid, or a Dirty Mover? Just a simple visit to Down and Dirty in District 8 ((TP here)) or contacting Lozza Weymann will get you that interview! Be prepared to work hard and long, for we always leave our clients with a smile.

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