Cop Tazered with Own Gun

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A police officer was tazered with her own stun gun this week when attempting to arrest a woman for threatening two officers. The woman, TaiLia Yheng, was seen fighting with the woman out back of the arcade while officers Acosta and Matfield – whom Ms. Yheng had previously declared threats towards – were arresting two other women out front of the Pizzeria.

This attack came only days after Yheng was brutally tazered into miscarriage, and comes as no surprise. What was surprising, however, was that she was able to flee the scene after tazering a cop herself. Tit-for-tat, as they say! Though the officer involved had nothing to do with the original incident, it seemed Yheng did not want to accept the consequences of her threats once cornered (then again, I wouldn’t want to go to jail either).

She was overheard pleading with the officer chasing her down; “I don’t want to go to jail and I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want to get raped in a cell. That man killed my baby, I wasn’t threatening anyone; I was set up… It isn’t fair what happened! my child was innocent.”

“That may be, but you drew a gun,” the officer was heard saying in response to this, but had barely managed to explain that it was her job before being tazered with her own weapon, the electric shock cutting off her words. Unfortunately, though I do possess pictures they have been declared evidence in an on going case.. It’s too bad, they were pretty awesome pictures!

The officer who was tazed is fine and was up and on the chase not a few minutes later, but one has to wonder – how far will this woman go? Pulling weapons on civilians and officers alike in broad daylight, threatening lives; there are people losing their babies every day out there, not all of them are trying to murder people for it… Is it worth the damages to yourself and your own life, simply for vengeance? I suppose that question, ultimately, can only be answered by those who have felt that pain.

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