BB Blues Bar: The Perfect Blues Escape

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Located down the street from Hathian General Hospital while you head towards Columtreal University, BB Blues Bar is a suave jazz/blues bar that offers a wide range of entertainment and beverages. Blues legends are displayed proudly on the wall and a small stage sits in the corner with a grand piano, a drum kit, and enough microphones and guitar equipment to hold a full band. There is plenty of seating and places to relax and enjoy the music and the rustic, laid-back atmosphere.

The Observer sat down with new business manager Azreal Venom recently to talk about his hopes for the next chapter of BB’s Blues Bar.

Kate: How long have you been the manager of BB’s?

Azreal: I’ve been running BB’s for about a week now when I became aware that the owner was currently unable to get into town to run it. I messaged her and in a video interview got her acceptance to handle matters here.

Kate: That’s fantastic. I’m really glad that you were able to step in. What drew you to BB’s, if I can ask?

Azreal: Having recently sold my business in Michigan and moving here I needed to find a stable way to take care of me and mine. I was looking through town and in talking to Jack the bartender here learned of the need of management while the owner was away. I’ve much experience in managing a business and honestly always wanted to run a club so thought I would use this job and opportunity to help provide more chances for myself. The city is in a state of disrepair; each of the business owners are obligated to do what they can to assist in this. If we all work together we can provide a united front and help keep things running for the people around us.

Kate: You’re right… People need places to escape and enjoy themselves after a hard day’s work. Maybe you could tell our readers what kinds of services and events they could expect when coming to BB’s?

Pamphlet Given Reads:
Monday Nights : Dollar Draft from 8 to midnight.
Tuesday Nights : 3 Dollar Well drinks.
Wednesday Nights : Buy one get one free shots.
Thursday night : ladies night from 8 to midnight 2 dollar imperials, margaritas, and Martinis
Friday Night : Party night any group of 3 or more drinks are half price for Well drinks, domestic beers and shots.
Saturday Night : Game night, half price Pool and Greedy games

Azreal: Those are some of the night specials were considering as well as thinking of larger events to run on either a biweekly or monthly routine.

Kate: This seems fairly eventful. Lots of great activities lined up here. I’m sure that will cater to a lot of our readers. I was going to ask you… Do you have an interest in hosting live musicians from time to time? Or perhaps an open Mic night of some sort? There are a lot of budding musicians here in Hathian that would be thrilled to have a stage to play on, I’m sure.

Azreal: I do plan those events on in the bi or monthly events. I’m not limiting it to just blues of course but would like to get the people in town active in the events to to make them more enjoyable for everyone.

Kate: So you’ve only been here a week but is there any particular event you’d like to highlight coming up for our readers?

Azreal: Currently I’m looking for staff members to allow enough people to work the events. I’ve gone into talks with the Pie Hole about catering some if not all of the events we plan, but I’d say the biggest I’m working towards is a sort of reopening party to let everyone know were still here; under new management maybe but here and ready to rock.

Kate: I think that’s a great place to end unless there’s anything else you wanted to be included before we finish?

Azreal: Only that if any of the other businesses would like to contact me about perhaps combining and assisting in events I’m more then willing to talk.

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