Vodou Central Housing Project

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The Vodou Central Housing Project has units currently available for rental!




The complex has a premium location at the heart of Vodou, Hathian overlooking the ocean and features a host of onsite amenities including:

• Laundry Facilities

• Gym

• Outdoor Swimming Pool/BBQ Pavillion

• Onsite Parking

• Wifi

• All Utilities Paid


Available Units Include:

• Studios w/ 1 Bathroom for $375 ((75 prims))

• Private Studio Trailer w/ 1 Bath for $500 ((100 Prims))

• 1 Bed/1 Bath Private Home for $750 ((150 Prims))

Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vodou/92/216/34

((OOC Info:

NOTICE: These rentals are to be used as residential RP environments for members of the CD Citizens group ONLY.


This is not just a place to live. It is an immersive roleplay environment. The landlords and management will occasionally be present to RP. Once in a while we will send notices about things such as power outages, plumbing problems, cockroach infestations or vandalism. If you are going to do something which would reasonably draw attention to yourself (such as being ICly late with rent, running a meth lab from your rental or starting a fire), please let management know so we can RP it out with you!

Common Areas: The pool and gym are common areas to be freely used by all renters and their guests. Feel free to throw a party!


• The land group is for renters ONLY. Anyone found joining the group to rez things who has not paid for a rental will be evicted and banned from the parcel. If you are a tenant and want one of your guests to be able to rez something, they may /temporarily/ but it will count against your prims and you must given us written notice via notecard.

• You may not ICly do anything which heavily damages the property without OOC permission.

• Unless it is an IC interaction welcomed by all parties involved, please respect the privacy of your neighbors.

• Stick to the theme. If you rez objects which are ridiculous, laggy, flashing, have hovering script or are otherwise disturbing, those items will be returned.

• While you may place /small/ objects outside of your unit, please do not litter the RP environment with stuff. It will be returned.

• If you exceed your prim limit, you will receive only one warning. Repeat offenders will be evicted and banned.

All questions, concerns or comments should be addressed to Piper Delvalle. ))

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