Got a Problem You Can’t Erase?

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Make ur Problems go Away

I’ve got Erasers.

I have vast experience in making things go Kablooey. Explosions of many varieties, fireworks, explosive devices, fires, timers, fuses, electrical wiring and all things combustible. Previous concoctions have been pipe bombs, cherry bombs, jug bombs, shrapnel bombs, shitbombs, smoke bombs, and much more.

Currently taking electrical engineering at Columtreal University. I can help you with your problem as discreetly and as swiftly as possible.

If interested, there would be a fee for my services, whether you want indirect results or if you take matters into your own hands. Please call 555-BOOM and ask for ‘M‘ or contact me via Twitter @MitchYama. Great for backyard parties or just blowing the ever loving $%%# out of that piece of shit truck you can’t repair. Serious inquiries only.

((This is actually Michiaki Yamaguchi (takahiro muhindra) in world. IM to start rp with me.))

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