Third Reich Comes to Hathian

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Residents of Hathian beware! A devilish older gentleman clad in Nazi paraphernalia stalks the streets in search of victims. Already two have fallen to his blade. Concerned citizens are wary of traveling alone, in dark alleys, for fear of coming across the Hathian Nazi.

The suspect is described as a Caucasian male with white hair. He wears an entirely black outfit of boots, a long jacket, and military service hat. An orange patch adorns one shoulder. Identifiable characteristics include a scar, which runs from the right eyebrow to right check, and an eye patch. He is armed and dangerous and has been known to use a blade of about three feet in length, pulled from within a walking cane, in his defense. The suspect allegedly calls himself a general.

The Black and White party, held on March 26th, 2015 at Lou’s Bar located on Hathian HWY, is the first reported sighting of the Hathian Nazi. An altercation among party goers left one man severely wounded and in the care of Hathian General Hospital. Police were called on scene, but failed to capture the suspect before his escape.

On March 29th, 2015 the Hathian Nazi strikes again. Victim, Kristin Renae, after leaving the Titty Twister, encountered the suspect in the alley beside Lou’s Bar. Renae, upon spotting the Nazi, initially bid hello. Further conversation, which lead to questions regarding Nazi attire, brought about his ire.

The Hathian Nazi, upon accusing Renae of involvement with the Hathian Police Department, took an aggressive stance. Renae attempted a call for help over her cell phone; however, her effort was foiled by an attack of the Hathian Nazi’s blade. During the assault, the suspect called Renae an Attent├Ąter, (German word for one who is motivated, by political reasons, to assassinate a particular person.) When the Nazi turned upon another female victim, Renae made her escape.

Police records show the other woman survived to file a report about the incident. She managed to flee unscathed, though not without property damage done to her purse.

The Hathian Nazi is currently at large and pursued by the Hathian Police Department.

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