Meth Lab Ends Up In Flames

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Early on the morning of April 1st, the Fire Department of Hathian was called to a residence in Vodou after a neighbor rushed out of their residence after hearing a loud noise outside. Upon witnessing the neighboring house, they saw that an explosion occurred and a man laid on the ground with severe third degree burns after being thrown from a window. He was taken to the ER to be treated. The house remained on fire until the fire department put it out.

The establishment allegedly belonged to Ellis Millet, the owner of liquor store Bottoms Up, though he was nowhere near the scene. Millet told the Observer that, “thousands of dollars worth of Bottoms Up merchandise was destroyed in the explosion.”

Detective Lieutenant Angel Moonshadow, the investigator on this case, stated, “FDH Fire Investigators found traces of red phosphorus, lye, Hydrogen chloride and pseudoephedine which are known to be pre-cursor chemicals for the manufacture of Methamphetamine. Not only does this incident highlight the dangers of illicit chemicals being cooked up that form a serious public health risk, but it shows the hazardous conditions that these makeshift labs pose to public safety.” After structural analysis, FDH officials concluded that the operation was most likely contained with a concrete room which helped it from spreading to neighboring structures.

Moonshadow arrested J.J. Pecino, who is still currently healing in the hospital from third degree burns, for Manufacturing of a Controlled Substance.  On April 13th, Ellis Millet was brought into questioning. After confessing to being involved, Millet was arrested for Manufacturing a Controlled Substance and Sale of a Controlled Substance.

With the destruction of the Meth Lab and the arrest of the distributors, there is one less drug channel present in Hathian. Moonshadow confirms, “This is another success for the HPD, working in conjunction with our FDH colleagues, in disrupting criminal drug supply networks and prosecuting those responsible. Anyone else stupid enough to try something like this can expect a similar robust response.”


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