Exclusive Interview: Drunken Assault Leads to Accidental Death at CU

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A struggle between local doctor Rachell Vond-Washborne and a drunken assailant ended in the accidental death of local citizen identified as Bastian Götze on the afternoon of April 10th, 2015.

After an anonymous submission to Hathian’s own gossip account, “Hathian Confessions”, was posted on Twitter, stating, “Don’t go to RVW for medical care unless you’ve got a death wish. She’s a convicted murderer.” Rachell Vond-Washborne, the victim of said comment, sat down with the Observer and shared the full story, hoping to shed light on the whole incident.

Vond-Washborne recounted, “It was on Friday afternoon. The radio show was still going, so I think it was around four or five o’clock. I was listening to the show and walking around [the Columtreal University] campus. This man came up to me, who has since been identified as Bastian Götze. The man was clearly intoxicated. He approached me, making lewd comments.

“I started to walk away. He pursued, and slammed me against the building. He touched me. His hand up my skirts, clearly about to rape me right there against the building. He was holding a beer bottle in one hand. He swung it at my head. Showing just how drunk he was, he missed entirely and it slammed into the building. Meanwhile, I started kicking, trying to punch him, anything to get his disgusting hands off of me!

“He came at me with the broken bottle. And I tried once more to push him away. Just so I could run, you know? With that push, he tripped over his feet and stumbled backwards. His head hit the sidewalk, and he didn’t move anymore. As soon as I heard that sound where he hit the ground, I knew something was wrong, so I called 911.

“The man made the choice to approach me. To not stop when I said no. I did not choose to harm him in any way. If I wish for people to understand one thing it’s that. It’s been said that I am no longer an innocent. I don’t see it that way. Had I chosen the path of harm, absolutely? But had I not moved, he would have raped, if not killed me. For the sake of my family, my children, I had to try to survive. One should not be punished for living through an experience like this.”

In a city paved with crime and violence, one has to do what they have to in order to survive. Unlike the claims of said anonymous submitted tweet, Vond-Washborne’s story paints a clear picture, which made it abundantly clear, that the death of Bastian Götze was a tragic accident.

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