Easter Sales at the Clam

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Hey Hathian,

The Easter Bunnies have come to Hathian and taken over the Clam Convenience Store! They will be selling chocolate eggs, bunnies and all other edible easter goodies; raising money for the Seaside School for new equipment. Along with the selling of chocolate there will be different fun games outside the Clam to spread a little Easter fun for everyone. So hop to it and come down to the Clam. Event running from Good Friday to 10th April.


  • Good Friday = Hammer Jack: $5 a turn, all customers that manage to hit the bell, will win a prize a chocolate easter egg!
  • Saturday = Guess the number of jelly beans in the jar: $5 a guess, winner keeps the jar! or closest to it.
  • Sunday = Wheel of Fortune: $5 per spin random prizes given out automatically.
  • Monday = Kissing Booth: $5 for 2 kisses on the lips $2 for 1 kiss on the cheek.
  • Tuesday = Hook a duck: $5 for two turns, manage to hook a duck, win a prize of a chocolate easter egg
  • Wednesday = Egg and spoon race:  $5 per entry, 4 people per race. Winner wins a prize of a chocolate easter egg
  • Thursday = Pin the tail on the donkey: $5 per turn, manage to pin the tail and win a prize a chocolate easter egg
  • Friday = Dunktank: $5 for 3 throws, a hop to dunk someone in some nice cold water.
  • Remember all funds raised will go to the Seaside School!

Clam Convenience Store

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