New Info Revealed About Murder of Kayl Vond, Amira Xuanzang’s Assault

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On March 10, 2015, Amira Xuanzang was kidnapped and assaulted by Kayl Vond, resulting in a coma that lasted for four days. For the first time since the incident, Xuanzang decided to come forward, revealing not only her story but the circumstances that surrounded the execution of said suspect.

Vond entered Hathian General Hospital posing as a psychiatrist. He claimed he wanted a tour of the facility and allegedly questioned the security system. Due to the short staffing of the hospital, Vond had full advantage to execute his sinister plans.

During the tour, Mrs. Xuanzang felt a sudden pinch in the back of her arm. Soon, it was clear to her that she had been drugged.

“After Kayl drugged me, there was a struggle, he bit me, hit me and called me horrible things. Then my body finally gave out. The next thing I remember is waking up in his bed, naked. He was draped over me so that I couldn’t escape. He was touching me, telling me that Colton [Vond] would kill me if he found me there. I was confused and scared. I began to fight. I hurt him and he said I would pay. After a continued struggle, he was on top of me.” Xuanzang revealed.

Vond went into an alleged PTSD episode, calling her “Caroline” as he beat her and threatened her life, clearly believing she was this woman. Vond made it clear that “there was no way out unless it was through him.” It is clear that throughout his assault he was not of sound mind.

Xuanzang recounted, “He promised that he would kill me if I tried to escape. I did as I was told, because I believed he would kill me, but I stole his phone on the way out of his bed. I called Jeremiah, I sang from the shower, names, things I had seen from the window, what the apartment looked like. Kayl caught me, taunted my husband over the phone, and then dragged me naked from the shower.”

Captain Jeremiah Xuanzang and Officer Scott Andel arrived on scene as Vond attempted to strangle Mrs. Xuanzang. Once he realized that his attack was interrupted, he threw his victim out the eight story apartment window. She landed on the ledge outside the window, suffering from severe brain trauma, landing her in a coma that lasted four days.

“After Kayl threw me from the window, Jeremiah went after me and told Kayl I wasn’t dead. Kayl used a kitchen knife and launched it at my body and Jeremiah blocked it and got hit in the leg. It went pretty deep, it hit the bone,” Mrs. Xuanzang revealed on behalf of her husband.

Vond was arrested for aggravated sexual assault, domestic terrorism, and kidnapping while Amira Xuanzang and her husband were given medical care. Mrs. Xuanzang was later transported to Orleans Parish Mental Health Facility – Neurological Trauma Unit until March 13th.

On the morning of March the 11th, Captain Jeremiah Xuanzang, who was recovering at HGH from the knife wound, was given a double dosage of Morphine when it was clearly printed on his chart that he had adverse reactions to said medication. The intern who administered the medication has been since fired and has had their medical license taken away permanently.

Xuanzang, after initial injection of the medication, suffered an opiate-induced psychosis, according to Dr. Carol Leblanc, a licensed Clinical Psychologist (Ph.D.) at New Orleans Parish Mental Health Center. The nature of the psychosis alongside the stress of his wife being kidnapped, led to the execution of suspect Kayl Vond. LeBlanc noted in her evaluation that Captain Xuanzang mentioned several times that “death was never his intent, and felt his words were of any distressed husband who had nearly lost his wife.”

LeBlanc did not find any other mental or physical abnormalities, but did suggest that Captain Xuanzang remain in psychotherapy for no shorter than six months.

Dr. Rachell Vond-Washborne stated on behalf of her brother Kayl Vond’s mental state,”There was more to Kayl than met the eye. After his death, an unopened bottle of Risperidone was found among his personal effects. This medication is used to treat PTSD, as well as bipolar disorder and/or schizophrenia.

“At the time of the attack against Amira, Kayl was not medicated. He was unbalanced, unstable. Mental illness is not to be downplayed, it is not to be overlooked. This fact is not thought to be a defense. Kayl did a terrible thing.

“However, one action should not define a man. He was a doctor. He served his country in the armed forces for many years. He was singularly devoted to his family. He may have presented himself differently on social media, even in person at times, but Kayl Vond was an honorable man. I was proud to call him my friend, my brother, my family.”

While the murder of Kayl Vond, nor the attack on Amira Xuanzang are condoned or excused; it is apparent that the situation was the result extraordinary circumstances. It is clear that both of these tragic events stemmed from the altered states of both Captain Xuanzang and Kayl Vond.

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