Hathian Election Day Events – Hope4Hathian Campaign

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Election season is coming to a climax!

The place to get in on the action is at Columtreal, Thursday at 7PM and Friday at 10AM, SLT. This hot bed of youthful energy and creative talent is hosting the #Hope4Hathian campaign – Paige Davenport and Jayda Ferrentino for Council, Rabid Calhern for Mayor – in their events to kick off the voting!

It all starts Thursday 7PM in the Columtreal Lecture Hall’s downstairs classroom with Political Action Class. Candidate Davenport will be there to answer all your questions and drinks will be provided! Come to learn how to mobilize the vote, earn class credit or just meet the candidates!

Then the BIG SHOW begins – 10AM, Friday, March 27, at the center of Columtreal – the #Hope4Hathian Election Day Rally!

WHERE? The Columtreal Clock Tower, right by the Gym, Admissions and Student Union!

WHEN? 10AM to 9PM (SLT), all day long, the campaign will have people on site to answer questions about voting, hand over exclusive swag or just hang out.

WHY? Plenty of reasons:
-Meeting people
-Asking questions and raising issues

HOW can you be a part of the action? Just show up! The #Hope4Hathian campaign prides itself on embracing people from all walks of life.

So don’t miss out on this unique chance to be a part of – and get a souvenir from – Hathian’s first ever true election.

Gather at Columtreal, 7PM Thursday and 10AM to 9PM Friday!

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