Salvation For Residents Of Hathian!

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For decades, the parish of Hathian has been ignorant of the touch of its Lord and Saviour, but Salvation for Hathian has at long last returned.

On special assignment from the Vatican herself, the young Cardinal Jesse Rigby has come to Hathian to reopen the long-abandoned Church of St Cupiditas, in the Rougarou burrough of Hathian. With the help of Sister Clementine Follet, this brash young Cardinal has come to deliver salvation to all those residents who wish it.

The church is open 24/7 for you to come and repent your sins, be forgiven, and receive the Lord Jesus Christ unto yourself. Mass will be held upon request, in order to better serve the spiritual needs of a world with a much more hectic schedule, that many would be unable to attend a simple Sunday service.

Drop by the church anytime and speak with Cardinal Rigby ((jesserigbycalamity)) or Sister Clementine ((Clementinefollet0)) to have your spiritual needs attended to.

((OOC Info Follows))

The Church of St Cupiditas is older than Hathian itself, erected in the 1800s in times when voodoo and witchcraft were truly believed to be practiced in Louisiana. In its heyday, the church was used as the site for ritual exorcisms, performed on the mostly black inhabitants of the area, who were thought to be witches and witch doctors, many of whom from areas such as Haiti and Jamaica. Having fallen into disrepair after being abandoned in the mid 20th century, the church has recently been restored, to a degree, and reopened under the auspices of Cardinal Rigby, and Sister Clementine.

The main floor of the church appears as a standard, rural catholic church, with pews, a catholic altar, and a crucifix. Hidden in the basement is a secret ritual chamber, dedicated to appeasing the old gods, with ritual sacrifices, as well as torture and rape ceremonies. The attic holds the living quarters for the Cardinal and the Sister.

IC information is that the church is old, creepy, but catholic. Rumours abound regarding the old rituals from days long past, but none of this is confirmed. Cardinal Rigby holds mass for those who wish to attend, as well as standard rites of confession and communion, marriages and funerals.

OOC information is that Cardinal Rigby roams Hathian’s streets at night, in the belief that he is the right hand of God, sent to deliver justice to the dark and corrupt place that Hathian has become. Those willing to participate in the rituals may speak to jesserigbycalamity or clementinefollet0.

Please do not RP breaking into the church without consulting with one of us first. There wouldn’t be much to steal anyway, no gold artifacts or anything of value. The entrance to the cellar is securely locked, again, consult with us before attempting IC entry.

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