Nurse Raped, Sodomized

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Ask anyone in the parish and they will all know Hathian General Hospital RN, Dahlia Black who is described as quiet, gentle and kind by her patients and co-workers.

“Nurse Black is such a sweet young woman, it’s a tragedy and an outrage that anyone could hurt someone who spends all of her time giving and caring for others,” said one angry doctor who did not want her name revealed.

Black, a single mother and native of Romania, was thrown out of a moving car on Wednesday, literally dumped at the doorstep of HGH where she has been employed for nearly three years. The car was described as a black, unmarked SUV that appeared similar to a police vehicle.

Co-workers rushed to her aid where a trembling Black assured them she was fine but complained of back pain. Further examination revealed that she had been raped and violently sodomized so severely, that she needed corrective surgery to repair the damage.

Less than 24 hours after her assault, Black opened a window at the hospital and crawled out onto the ledge naked, threatening to take her own life while bystanders overheard her speaking in gibberish and screaming about demons. Members of the Hathian Police Department were dispatched to the scene where Black was safely rescued and admitted for psychiatric evaluation.

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