Next Gen Rejects?

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Residents of Hathian, who use public internet forums such as Twitter, have recently been shocked at a vitriolic exchange between Rory McAuley, daughter of infamous former-Reject leader Piper Rewell, and Gideon Locke, the current captain of the Hathian Police Department. With both parties hurling insults in the wake of pictures of what seems to be McAuley being sexually assaulted in the HPD cells by a Twitter account focusing on Hathian scandals, other members of the community have joined in, excoriating the HPD for their actions or adding their own threats towards McAuley.

This conflict seems to have begun with two murders, committed on the eve of what turned out to have been Rory McAuley’s eighteenth birthday.  The first was the “Christmas Murder” that shocked a number of people, wherein a woman who has been tentatively identified as Adalyn Harcourt was found hanging by her neck from the backhoe located across from the Chicken Shack. Miss Harcourt had been strung with Christmas lights not long before she expired.

The murder of Adalyn Harcourt was not tied to Rory McAuley until she confessed to it while in the HPD cells on another murder charge. On December 14th, the day of her eighteenth birthday, McAuley shot officer Jolene Grundy point blank in the head in the presence of Captain Locke and other officers.  Specifics about the situation were unavailable at the time of printing, but it is known that Officer Grundy died at the scene.

All of this leaves the citizens of Hathian wondering if, for all that the Rejects seem to have disappeared into the ether, they are just biding their time and training up a new generation in their violent ways.

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