Bayou Apartments Expanding Business!

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Due to ever increasing rental demand Bayou Apartments is now expanding!

A second building with a pool was added as well as other competitively priced perks. ((OOC: increased prims limits!  That’s right!  Rez more stuff!)) These urban-themed apartments are located in the scenic swampy Haitian suburb of Rougarou

It’s far enough to ‘get away from it all’ while still close enough to bring it all home with you. There are five to eight apartments available in the new building as well as a few available in the older building.

The Bayou Apartments are located in Rougarou (138, 118, 22) so come check them out before they are taken!

Inquires or other questions?  Please contact Reese Fitzgerald (reese.popstar)

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